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Getting Insurance Policies Updated-A Step in Emergency Preparedness For Me

Updated on June 3, 2014

Preparedness and Proper Homeowners Insurance

Getting Insurance Policies Updated a Step in Emergency Preparedness. Preparedness includes homeowners insurance to protect your homes and personal property. Renter also need insurance to protect their furnishings and personal property. Protection against liability for injuries to others on your property and to their personal property is also necessary. Although your home may be damaged or destroyed by a disaster, you will still be responsible for any injuries sustained by individuals entering your property. This includes welcomed and unwelcomed visitors, posting "no trespassing" signs may be helpful.

People in all parts of the world are subject to and need to prepare for natural disasters. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, wildfires and winter weather can all result in catastrophe. People often ask me why I choose to live in a hurricane prone area. My answer is because it's home. Over the past years we have been witness to a variety of natural events which have change lives. They happen in all parts of the world and as the climate goes through it cycle of changes we are apt to see more of these events.

Making sure you are prepared is the key to survival and recovery. Many people discovered far to late that insurance policies did not cover damage caused by disaster. Often times special policies are needed to cover specific events such and wind, water, tidal surge and earthquakes. It is important to find out before tragedy strikes what policies are needed and update them to meet your need. Other items often not covered on a normal homeowners policy are jewelry, antiques, collections, musical instruments and special item. You should discuss these items with your agent and have policies written to cover these items.

Preparedness Homeowners Insurance - Preparing before disaster stikes

Get one or more of these books about disaster and learn what you need to know about insurance and insurance claim long before you experience disaster.

The Economics of Natural and Unnatural Disasters
The Economics of Natural and Unnatural Disasters

What are the financial risks of disaster. Learn how they can effect you..

The Claim Game: A Homeowner's Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe
The Claim Game: A Homeowner's Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe

Things you nee to understand before you ever make and insurance claim.

Insurance for Dummies
Insurance for Dummies

Perfect for those who need to better understand insurance and the underlying details.

Cheap Insurance for Your Home, Automobile, Health, & Life: How to Save Thousands While Getting Good Coverage
Cheap Insurance for Your Home, Automobile, Health, & Life: How to Save Thousands While Getting Good Coverage

Get the best rate available by using this up to date information about getting good insurance.


When Catastrophe Strikes - Coverage and Deductibles

Your home should be insured for at least 80 percent of the replacement value. The actual replacement value of your home will ensure that you have enough money to replace or make repairs that keep the value of your home. During hurricane Katrina I experienced many of these problems and was not able to replace my original home. When widespread catastrophe occurs many insurance companies will try to cut corners to save themselves some money.

Choose a reputable company to insure your home. You should look at there previous reputation for insurance pay outs. We were not able to get our total insured amount due to the fact that we could not prove whether wind or water destroyed our home. In the case of widespread disaster you need to be your own advocate in order to receive the coverage you paid for all those year.

Make sure you have back up copies of all insurance documents, give copies to friends and family members and of course make digital copies. Digital copies can be stored online in the form of e-mails to yourself and placed in a save file. They can be retrieved when tragedy strikes. My insurance company had copies of our policies which were online before our storm occurred, but after the storm they were removed by the company leaving people without copies in the dark about their coverage. I encourage you to take steps NOW and keep many copies to various emails and people that you can don't be one of the unlucky people left without the proper knowledge of your policies. What you don't know many dramatically affect your families when negotiations are done without proper documentation.

Fire May Result From Any Catastrophic Event

Fire May Result From Any Catastrophic Event
Fire May Result From Any Catastrophic Event

Homeowners Insurance Handbook - Get your copy today!

Learn what you need to know to be a smart insurance consumer.

Insurance For Dummies?
Insurance For Dummies?

This book will give you the information you need to be informed on the process of obtaining and maintaining adequate insurance coverage.


Qualifying For Disaster Assistance

In order to qualify for disaster assistance you governor will need to declare your area a disaster and request that the president make a Major Disaster Declaration in order for you to access federal assistance programs. FEMA will come to your area and assess your losses to help you in your recovery. Funds may be made available to assist you in your effort to rebuild.

There is a number of criteria that will have to be met. One of these criteria is the level of insurance coverage you have on your home. You will need to apply for this type of assistance and although you have insurance it may not cover everything you need to rebuild your home and your life.

The Small Business Administration will also be able to make determinations on whether you qualify for a loan at a low interest rate for rebuilding. This is another thing you will have to apply for and will need a FEMA number, you insurance information and other document to complete the process. Grants may also be offered to help with the clean-up and clearing of your property. These are all service you will become aware of by keeping in contact with friends, neighbor and the new in you disaster area.

Months of Burning Debris After Hurricane Katrina

Months of Burning Debris After Hurricane Katrina
Months of Burning Debris After Hurricane Katrina

You May Be Left With Very Little Update Your Policies Today

You May Be Left With Very Little Update Your Policies Today
You May Be Left With Very Little Update Your Policies Today

Do you know if you have the proper insurance coverage?

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