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everybody wants to go to heaven...

Updated on September 17, 2012

but nobody wants to die......

Yet ask millions of people what they do not want to do and it will likely be to die. Leaving loved ones or our happy lives is something very hard to fathom and yes depending upon our beliefs many of us hope for something special in heaven.

Why, why, why are we so intent on getting all the good things in or after life yet not willing to put in the hard work or feel the pain to get there? Let’s take some of the key issues people are faced with on a personal level in today’s world:

Weight loss, we all imagine in our minds the six pack, the toned abs, the long lithe legs and let's not forget the peachy bum. We imagine the scales smiling up at us as we sprightly check in on our “target “weight loss. We all dream of a certain number on those scales yet while we dream we very rarely plan and execute a sure fire way to reach this goal/

Fitness, finishing the marathon or being able to exercise 4 times a week is something which we can mentally picture yet the effort of packing the gym bag or actually getting out to do the exercise is way too hard for many of us. Every day I imagine myself lifting weights or running, then whoops life gets right in front of me!

Beauty – we all want to lose some of the wrinkles but we are not going to spend the fortunes required to make them disappear completely or reduce, according to the many beauty cream promises out there.

Plus if we CAN afford it, a sure fire guarantee to be rid of them does exist we sure as hell do not want some stranger sticking needles in our crow’s feet or frown lines if it is going to hurt.

Career – many of us want the top job or our bosses job however although we may envy their salary and benefits do we also envy the long hours and lack of family time that goes with it. What really is important to you? Establishing this is a great way to assess if you are where you need to be right now? Perhaps the promotion you think you are ready for now is actually a few years away when the kids are older and you have more time to dedicate to such a position. Or if the time is now, go for it what is stopping you? You know who? You - of course. Belief in yourself, if you don’t how do you expect your interview panel to?!

HubPages – another example where many of us want the trappings of passive incomes from our articles however the journey of getting to the level of hubs to make some worthwhile income can feel too long, too hard and just not viable so often we walk away from what could be very worthwhile longer term endeavours.

Dying – I appreciate we all will. We all have a date and it will happen and we cannot control it however the other factors I highlighted above are in the “here and now” and we are totally in control of our outcomes and successes and at times failures. It is not about tomorrow, it is all about your attitude to change and it is all about you willing to use the right attitude to start to make the required changes today.

Rather than sitting waiting for your weight to go down (or up) why not take responsibility and do something about it yourself. With the festive season approaching there will be “challenges” however we still have a few weeks to go and you could easily shift a few initial pounds so you start 2012 on even slate ready to seriously tackle your weight goals.

Beauty is a difficult one as we are all very hard on “us” and depending upon your mirror, you will either look great or just ok or perhaps prefer not to look at all. Depending upon the time of day, the day of the week or the week in the month I see all sorts of reflections from my own face and the scale moves up and down in terms of what my personal view is on how I look.

Remember you see all the worst bits in you not others and becoming fixated on your looks is not healthy. Think of all the wasted time in your life condemning to yourself how you look or how you dream you could look. If you feel strongly about cosmetic beauty treatments, take advice from professionals however really assess who you are doing this for before you take the plunge.

Let’s be really honest with ourselves and look inwards rather to others for us not tackling and driving ourselves to achieve our own goals. Let’s stop expecting the trappings of wealth, beautiful body and face, our dream job, our ultimate fitness without realising we aren’t going to get there without a teensy weensy bit of effort on our part.


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