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Updated on February 16, 2016

So What?

Doesn't everyone want a little more money to spend...a nicer car...better vacations...newer furniture? The status quo is boring. Laziness is not a virtue. Wanting more moves you forward, doesn't it?

We live in a culture where new means better and not having the latest is a sign you just don't get it. Pulling out a flip phone in a smart phone world is sure to draw some sideways glances. Peer pressure begins in school but it does not stop there. Desire is good...when it is a desire given by God and not imposed by people.

Wanting more to make you acceptable or better than the average is a disease that destroys!

Work for Wants?

Do you require your children to work for the things they want?

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I WANT it!!!

You've seen out of control wanting. In fact, it is the stuff of tv shows: Hoarders, Intervention, My 500 Pound Life, Super Nanny. Wants that become demands are idols that kill.

Our wants were never intended to be the controlling factor of our lives. It all started way back in the Garden of Eden, but that's the content for another day. Zipping down through the ages a few hundred years, we can hear Moses tell the nation of Israel, "You did not serve the Lord with joy because you had an abundance."

WHAT? More is NOT the answer. In fact, abundance is the problem. Who knew?

Evaluating Wants

How do we know when a legitimate want has become a demanding idol? There are questions to ask ourselves:

  • What is my reaction when I do not get what I want?
  • Do I become snappish and ugly to others?
  • Am I depressed or anxious because I don't have this one thing?
  • Does this want blind me to every other blessing?

If the answers to the questions above leave me a niggling sense of guilt, it's time for a new perspective. Praise is the key to heaven. So start with the basics:

  • Thank God for the privilege of life itself--to see and enjoy.
  • Count your blessings. There is power in thanksgiving.
  • Choose to look on what you have rather than what you want.

Count Your Blessings!

Realize you have ALL You need for JOY!

Every parent loves to give their kids blessings. God's desire to see His children living happy, fulfilled lives, and He loves giving great gifts. We chase the gifts and turn our back on Him. That is what gets us into difficulties. All it takes is turning to Him and rejoicing in the blessings He gives.

We human parents get caught in giving and don't know how to set boundaries. Movies have even been made of our fault: Failure To Launch debuted in 2006. Unfortunately, too many youth do not debut in life. Parents give and give until the abundance robs the kids of wanting anything enough to work for it. Wanting without a willingness to work is a pit difficult to escape.

So there you have it: wanting isn't bad but thankfulness for what one already has is necessary. The old saying has it right. The secret to happiness is not getting what you want; it's wanting what you've got!


Contentment...peace...thankfulness. Two people can have the same circumstances and totally different perspectives. Contentment is a choice!

God sets before us two consistent choices: Blessings - Life and Curses - Death. That sounds harsh, but even the curses have purpose. They are to turn us back to LIFE. "I set before you today, a choice: Life or Death. Choose Life." The call to a life of joy and purpose is the call of the gospel.


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