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Glo Germ vs. GlitterBug in the Fluorescent Infection Control Wars

Updated on February 28, 2015

Glo Germ vs. GlitterBug- Which is better?

OUTFOX Prevention strives to give you the best options for your fluorescent training needs (fluorescent gel, fluorescent powder, clue spray, fluorescent markers and UV black lights). Hence, we have worked hard to maintain relationships with the two main manufacturers, Glo Germ and Glitterbug (Brevis). Below you will find their comparisons. All of our infection control products (distributed) are priced even with the manufacturer's prices (they sell some direct for the same price as OUTFOX) so coming to us just gives you a better variety of products to choose from!

Mix and match the training products from the two manufacturers to find your perfect combination. For, there are positive and negatives for just using one line of products for your infection control campaigns. Some have better black lights, some fluorescent gels work better and some have great infection control posters!

To help you choose, the following lists will highlight the two suppliers and give you links to see the products more in depth (with reviews about some of them included) on our site. If you have questions on which products will work best for your organization, you can contact us at or go to

Fluorescent Powder and Lotion Supported by CDC
Fluorescent Powder and Lotion Supported by CDC

Fluorescent Training Supported by CDC

Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning (Appendix A Elements of the Educational Intervention)

Fluorescent Markers – Fluorescent gel, powder, and lotion have all been developed for the purpose of marking high touch objects prior to room cleaning. While the powder and lotion have been used as part of educational interventions, their overt visibility (lotions and powder), ease with which they can be disturbed (powder), and difficulty with easy removal (lotion if allowed to air dry) may limit their use in a monitoring system and there is little or no published experience in their use for this purpose.

In contrast, the fluorescent gel dries transparent on surfaces, resists abrasion, and there are several studies demonstrating the accuracy of the system in objectively evaluating cleaning practice and quantifying the impact of educational interventions on such cleaning.[4,5] Because these fluorescent markers are all designed to indicate physical removal of an applied substance, surfaces that are effectively disinfected but less effectively cleaned may be more likely flagged as failing to meet a quality standard using one of these markers than one of the culture techniques.

If Glo Germ is good enough for the CDC to mention as a viable lesson then it is good enough for your organization. We have testers if you want to try it out.

OUTFOX partners with Glo Germ for infection control
OUTFOX partners with Glo Germ for infection control

Glo Germ Fluorescent Materials

Highlights of the germ simulation manufacturer

(Check out their individual pages at

· Recognized brand for 30 plus years

· Orange fluorescent oil option for different types of surfaces

· Environmental Cleaning Verification Gel (adjusted formula for easy application and verification) OUTFOX Recommended!

· Glo Gel comes standard with flip top nozzle for easy application

· Effective fluorescent powder applicator with brush (keeps powder contained but applies evenly on surfaces) OUTFOX Recommended!

· Known national and international brand

· Strong distribution network focus for client convenience

· Switching to LED black light flashlights for longer lasting bulb life

· LED allows for verification in lighter rooms than UV black light bars OUTFOX Recommended!

· Convenient Hand Hygiene Kits give you the basics of what you need

· Convenient Cases to keep the hand washing kit together

· Some games offered (Germ cards as well as germ tattoos)

Great Glo Germ Items on Amazon

Glo Germ is great for hand washing training, illustrating the spreading of germs, environmental cleaning verification and many other uses of simulation germs! Use the fluorescent trainings for many activities!

Glitterbug kit by OUTFOX for infection control
Glitterbug kit by OUTFOX for infection control

GlitterBug (Brevis)

Positives and negatives of using this manufacturer

(Check out their individual pages at

· Fluorescent Lotion- cheaper price than 8 oz Glo Germ

· Bottles come standard with pump top OUTFOX Recommended!

Fluorescent Powder- cheaper price

· Less recognized brand but been around for many years

· Infection Control Poster creativity and design is very active OUTFOX Recommended!

o New posters pictures

o New poster messages

o Germ pictures

· New product reminders include magnets, balloons, ties, t shirts, etc.

· Standard Precaution signage OUTFOX Recommended!

· Higher quality bar black lights

· Disclosure center innovation and design OUTFOX Recommended!

· Cameras and other high tech equipment for group lessons

· Cloth Carrying cases very convenient

· Hand Hygiene Kits are comprehensive with extra items

o Infection Control Stickers

o Hand Hygiene Medal

o Small Hand Washing Poster

o Small Infection Control Manual

o Classroom Activity Sheets for Hand Washing

Black Lights on Amazon for Infection Control

UV Black Lights are the missing factor once you buy Glo Germ or GlitterBug. Illuminate the fluorescent simulation germs!

Glitterbuddy for infection control trainings with black lights
Glitterbuddy for infection control trainings with black lights


It depends because they both have positives and negatives!

Overall, we recommend choosing Glo Germ for their fluorescent gels, oils and powder applicators (brush) and recommend using Glitterbug for their disclosure centers, black light flashlights (LED) and the infection control posters they produce.

If you have questions or would like to give your opinion then please contact us anytime!

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