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Green Tea Extract - EGCG - Is It Good for You?

Updated on January 20, 2016
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Green Tea Extract: EGCg

What are the health benefits and possible side effects of Green Tea Extract, or EGCg? We will explore those questions here, and help you to have a better understanding of this product and decide if it is right for you.

You will find out where EGCg comes from, the health benefits of EGCg, any detrimental side effects of EGCg and possible mild side effects.

We believe you will leave here with a better understanding of Green Tea Extract!

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Where Does EGCg Come from?

EGCg is a natural antioxidant found in green tea. Green tea and other plants naturally produce a compound called Polyhenol which helps them to protect themselves from elements in the environment that might be harmful to them. EGCg also contains Catechins, a type of flavanoid.

The Catechins found in EGCg are more powerful even than vitamins, and will help defend your body against free radicals, which in turn helps reduce signs of aging, and so on...

Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract/EGCg

Generally, green tea is good for you and beneficial to your health. If you have any concerns or questions, ask your doctor.

  • Studies show that Green Tea Extract can rev up a slower metabolism and help drop those stubborn pounds.

  • May lower Cholesterol.

  • May lower Blood Pressure.

  • May lower Blood Sugar.

  • May help strengthen the immune system.

  • May help reduce inflammation.

  • May reduce signs of aging and help ward off Alzheimer's Disease.

  • May help prevent getting colds and flu.

  • Beneficial to good bone health.

  • May aid in preventing prostate cancer.

  • Helps defend your body against free radicals.

Swanson Green Tea Capsules - 500mg Each

Swanson supplements are good quality and great price, highly recommended and have great reviews.

Important Notice

If you consume large amounts of green tea extract, there is a greater possibility for neural birth defects in babies, so it's best to avoid green tea extract or EGCg during your pregnancy.

Liquid Green Tea Extract - 1 Ounce

For those Who Have Trouble Swallowing Pills

This liquid can be added to food or drinks, or simply dropped under the tongue.

Possible Side Effects of EGCg - Only Possible if Taken in Large Quantities

Green tea is generally free from any side effects, but large quantities of EGCg (green tea extract), may cause some slight problems.

  • May cause nausea or upset stomach.

  • Possible insomnia if large quantities are consumed.

  • Can cause anxiety when consumed in large quantities.

  • May make iron absorption difficult.

Important Notice !

Free-radical scavengers (antioxidants) should not be used during chemotherapy, as they may possibly diminish the effectiveness of the drugs.

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