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Happiness Is A Journey, Not a Destination

Updated on December 5, 2011

Happiness Is a Journey, Not a Destination

When we are in the thick of things and life seems stressful, we tend to forget that happiness is a journey, not a destination. No matter how bad one day seems, there are always better days ahead. This is not to say we don't have to work at being happy. Happiness is work.

But keeping perspective on life is very important. If we didn't have bad days, the good days would not seem so sweet. If we were always happy, would we really be allowing our true emotions to show?

And yet things like money constantly tug at our happiness and make us unhappy. We begin to wonder, "Does money buy happiness?" If we hold still for a moment, we know that money does not buy true happiness. But it does allow us to get to a baseline level of comfort and we know we need some way to support ourselves.

How do we begin choosing happiness and maintain balance in our life?

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Why Not Find Some Happiness Ideas for the Journey?

Choosing to Be Happy
Choosing to Be Happy

Choosing to Be Happy

If you wanna be happy...

We do have a choice to make every moment of our life. We choose how to respond to each and every situation that affects us. When the journey is hard it is even more important to pause and think about how we respond.

This pause can happen in the span of a breath. The pause can also happen over a span of days or even weeks.

Choosing to be happy does not that we can't every choose anything else. It is simply a reminder that we have control over how we react. The hardest thing to do is to create that space between the event in our life and the reaction we have.

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If you wanna be happy

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How to Be Happy

Some great ways to learn to be happy

46. Set goals, but keep in mind that the way you reach those goals can change drastically. This also suggests that your goals should be broad enough to allow multiple paths to get where you would like to go. And goals are always made up of many smaller decisions that must be made along the way. Be conscious of making those small, day-to-day decisions that get you where you want to go. It is easier to see the large end goal than to see how each smaller decision brings you closer.

50. Take a walk. And take the walk not to exercise, not to think, not to watch, but to be. This is walking for the sake of walking.

51. Take a walk with a best friend. The conversation you have on walks is so different than in any other setting. Though you are moving, time seems to slow down. Your head begins to clear. And you are able to think and talk about problems in a much clearer way, as if the outcome is not as traumatic or dramatic as you thought while you were in the moment. You can almost view the problem as if it is not your own.

68. Read Thomas Merton's autobiography: The Seven Storey Mountain. It may take a year and a half (like it did for me) but it is well worth the time. The contemplative life takes on a whole new meaning when your read about Merton's journey. (Read "The Seven Storey Mountain".)

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