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3 Tips from my heart to make you happy no matter what state you are in

Updated on December 26, 2016
Cleanclover profile image

I am a nature and animal lover. I am also very health conscious and love writing about them. Health and happiness is what I strive for all.

If you would want to listen to me, then first you would have to know who I am? People tend to follow only those people who attract them. So what would be attractive about me? My attitude of life and my being happy no matter what makes me different, this is what I feel. So I would like to share my secrets of "happiness" with you all.

I too get low, depressed and sad sometimes but I have worked out through my experience an antidote for stress, depression and sadness. I have learned over the years that in life "nothing is permanant". Life travels in two ways Yang and Yin. Yang is the positive energy that is when you feel high, spirited and whatever you do it becomes a success. Yin is negative energy that is when you feel low, sad and depressed. Both have a specifice period and they come in cycles. It is same for every human alive on this earth. No human will get only "Yang" and no one would get only "Yin". It's like days without nights and vice versa. So if you get a Yin phase, dont worry just be aware and see it through, for Yang phase is just round the corner.

Awareness is the key in both the phases. The "Yin" phase is not a problem but being aware that you are in the phase matters. So if you are aware what is happening around you, whatever the phase maybe you can tackle it with ease. Many don't even realise that life is travelling in cycles. They only want the Yang phases and would rather avoid the Yin. This avoidance make the situation much worse. Yes, everyone wants to succeed but you can't win all the time. Yin is needed in our life that's why it comes. Imagine only sunny days without nights, how would things be?

So what should be done when you get a "Yin" phase? For many like me too find it very difficult to handle prolonged Yin phase when things just dont go your way. The more you try to set things right the more they become worse? So it's better not to try anything in this phase. Simply when you can't do anything do nothing Do things which are simple and easy to to do, wait the phase out and make full use of your Yang phase. "Rest" is the essence of Yin phase. Take as much rest as your body wants, go for nature walks in woods or go for mountain trekking. Be with your friends. Tell them what is going in your life. And quietly just see this phase off.

If the Yin phase is too troublesome then you need a change in your attitude.

Attitude <-----> Body language

Your attitude depends upon your body language and your body language depends upon your attitude.

Whenever I saw a happy person I noted the body language of them. A happy person has some peculiar signs in the body posture, expressions, habits and the language.

· The body posture is always erect. They stretch as many muscles of the body as possible not knowingly but silently. Scientifically, some good harmones are released in the brain when you stretch you muscles.

· Happy people always have a smile on their faces. It is impossible to be sad and have a smile on your face. So if you are feeling sad just smile it off. And also laugh as much as possible throughout the day.

· Happy people have good habits that they inculcate. They have "smiling" habit. They have fewer addictions and they always maintain good erect posture while standing, sleeping or sitting.

· Happy people make use of only positive words in their vocabulary. They always speak slowly with pauses and make sure that they speak encouraging and motivating words not for others but for themselves.

Another thing that worked for me whenever I got in Yin phase is having thoughts when you were happiest. Yes, you get all types of thoughts and the worse lot comes when you get the Yin phase. You just have to think about the the moments when you were happiest and what kind of body language you had. This is the "Key". When you get this habbit of having thoughts of happy moments you can see the Yin phase through at ease.

So If you get the Yin don't forget that your "Smile" is your little Jin! Keep smiling!


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    • profile image

      Faisal 7 years ago

      Excellent advise !!!!!

      Loved the way you described the phases and the "Key" as you called it being the smile. i believe i am in Yin phase, but am glad i found a way to deal with it...

      Thank You !!!

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      thank you aLL

    • krystalkane profile image

      krystalkane 10 years ago

      Great hub! Keep writing! Thank you for all the suggestion.


    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 10 years ago from Portugal

      Great great hub! It&acute;s all about me lol...

      Very good advices for all of those who almost never smile and don&acute;t know the Smile treasure ;-)). But also for those like me - smiling souls - it&acute;s important to understand that we experience different moods then we should have ways to &quot;run&quot; from the &quot;bad&quot; ones! Thanks.

    • thooghun profile image

      James D. Preston 10 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Absolutely fantastic, inspiring and genouine. I used to suffer from panic attacks and a line of stress disorders from a aseries of catastrophes hitting me one after the other. I soon learned one of the most valueable lessons I've ever learnt. The incredible relationship between mind and body.

      Your yin and yang descriptions and how to deal with them, particulary Yin match the exact method I used. Howvever i found redemption through a psychological field known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. Where you actually re program perception and expierience but re-coding the memories. As you put it &quot; You just have to think about the the moments when you were happiest and what kind of body language you had&quot;.

      Two different methodologies, one result!

      Thanks again, thoog!