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Radiant Health and Benefits of Fruit Juices

Updated on August 4, 2021

Fresh fruit juices contain the richness of all the fruit, the generous amounts of vitamins and provide thousands of substances which are essential for a radiant health. Whether young or old, the fresh fruit juices are taken to be best for everyone and should be added to the daily diet plans .

Below are some of the common and easy to make fruit juices and the importance they hold as big treasure for our fitness and well being .

Fresh fruit juices contain healthy nutritive qualities and are good for a sound health. We must try to ensure a regular intake of fresh fruit juices on daily basis and take advantage of the  nutrients that are important for our healthy body system.
Fresh fruit juices contain healthy nutritive qualities and are good for a sound health. We must try to ensure a regular intake of fresh fruit juices on daily basis and take advantage of the nutrients that are important for our healthy body system. | Source


“A day without an orange juice is a day without sunshine” is a known saying and nothing can be truer than that. One of the most refreshing forms of juices and highly beneficial for health is an orange juice. It allows a variety of health benefits as

  • Being highly rich in vitamin C, it helps in boosting up your immune system and thus prevents you from all those frustrating common colds and flu.
  • It contains high value of anti oxidants as well as large amounts of Potassium, thus helps in the prevention of Cancer.
  • With regard to the heart disease and Heart itself, the orange juice is considered very good as it helps in the improvement of blood circulation.
  • Low in calories, it gives you the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients; it helps greatly in loosing weight up to certain extent also.


A fruit with highly nutritive qualities and a refreshing flavor, Grape fruit is considered best and popular among many. Its beneficial qualities include

  • An excellent appetizer as it promotes salivary and gastric digestion. It is also considered good for the prevention of acidity in the system.
  • It tones up the digestive tract and also works as a great remedy for influenza.
  • It also helps in the prevention of Malaria as it contains natural quinine, which is also one of the reasons it is slight bitter in the taste.
  • A good diet for fever patients as it quenches and reduces thirst.
  • For patients with Diabetes, the grapefruit juice is also considered good .It reduces the sweets and starches present in the body. In fact it is advisable to the people who have an inclination towards diabetes that they should consume its juice more and regularly.
  • It is said that "a grapefruit a day keeps the pounds away", so besides all the above mentioned properties a grapefruit can help you reduce your weight which is a good thing for all those looking forward to a healthy, well maintained body figure.


A fruit known for its tangy sweet flavor is also one of the most “cool” fruits and is liked and loved by many. For a radiant health, the advantages which this juice has to offer cannot be denied.

  • The juice is a good source of Vitamin C, helps the body to absorb iron and is equally highly effective antioxidant which helps to fight against bacterial and viral infections.
  • It is considered good for the digestive system , as it contains almost all the vitamins and minerals.
  • It is an excellent source of Calcium and Magnesium hence it plays a major role in both strengthening and building up of bones and the connective tissues.
  • It maintains a healthy respiratory system, makes immune system strong and thus prevents a person from common colds, severe throat irritations as well as helps to offers relief in bronchitis.


An Apple a day keeps the doctor away is a saying which surely points out to the one big fact that how much significant nutritive and beneficial value that this fruit carries. The fruit and the juice itself protect us from various illnesses and must be included in our daily diet.

  • Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it is both good for our vision and improving our immunity.
  • It is a big source of various minerals like phosphorous, iron, chlorine, silicon, potassium and calcium.
  • Apple juice is good for our digestive system as well, helps in removing body toxins prevents both liver and kidney diseases
  • It is rich with fiber content and therefore is considered very well for heart and reduces the risk for heart attack.
  • It also affects the bad cholesterol in our body, i.e. LDL and prevents its formation in bod
  • Apple juice also serves as a good anti oxidant and prevents diseases like Cancer.
  • It is rich in potassium also and therefore considered very good for the people with arthritis and rheumatism.


Peach juice also contains many beneficial elements and is rich with good sources of vitamins and the minerals as well.

  • Peach juice is considered healthy for the digestive disorders. It relieves the symptoms of gastritis, constipation and indigestion.
  • It helps to strengthen the heart muscles and improves the blood flow. Therefore it is great for the people with blood pressure issues. Not only this it lowers down the cholesterol levels. All in all for the cardiovascular diseases, both the fruit and the juice are considered highly beneficial.
  • The juice is also rich in iron and protects against anemia
  • For those who want to loose weight, peach juice is considered very effective also.
  • With its richness of natural vitamins, it helps in building up of our immune system which ultimately serves as the best source of our prevention from the general common diseases.

Thus for healthy, protective effects of the fresh fruit juices, we must ensure that they should become the part of our diet. As it is often said, “Health is wealth”, so we better take good care of the wealth we possess.


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