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health benefits of beet juice

Updated on November 20, 2015

Nutritional benefits

Beet is one of the common sources of natural antioxidants. Beets contain all sorts of phytochemicals antioxidants and vitamins. These antioxidants help in fighting cancer, swellings and heart diseases. Furthermore, beets contain sensible levels of potassium. This lowers the heart’s rate as well as regulation of metabolism in the cell.

Health benefits

This root vegetable is a great super food block. Beets are able to fight and prevent various types of diseases including blood pressure and cancer. Some of the health benefits of this vegetable are:

Lowering of blood pressure

Beet is a very important product in lowering blood pressure. A glass juiced beet helps lower the systolic pressure to a level of up to 5 points in the human body. This is due to the presence of nitrates which is turned into nitric oxide by the body. It therefore, helps in relaxing of blood capillaries, veins and arteries therefore, increasing the blood flow.

Fighting and preventing inflammation

The presence of betaine in beets in addition contributes to the protection enzyme, protein and body cells from stress. This reduces swelling and protects important body organs as well as reducing the risk of getting chronic diseases. Beets have got anti inflammatory features that affect the body positively.

Increase of stamina

The nitrates in beets also help in improving stamina of the body. This is because it causes the body to produce more nitric oxide, which enables the increased flow of blood in the body. The increase in blood flow means that the amount of oxygen carried to the muscles is high, thus giving extra stamina during exercise.

Fighting cancer

Extracts from beet, help in fighting cancer. It helps in inhibiting the formation of tumor cells in the body.

Improving detoxification

Beets are very effective in detoxification of the human body. The presence of betalin in it promotes the breaking down of toxins into molecules in the body. Beets also help in purification of blood and the liver. This is the reason to why too much intake gives urine and stool a reddish look.

Boost libido

Beets also contain boron. This is the mineral that is directly linked to the production of sex hormones. The increase in blood flow due to the presence of nitric oxide increases sex drive and potency.

Provides slow acting energy

Beets are sugar loaded vegetables. The sugar present in beets is different from sugar present in other fruits. This is slower acting sugar which takes long for the body to absorb. This gives the body a steady energy source that gives energy for a long time.

Source of high fiber and low calorie

Beet juice also provides the body with low calorie juice. A glass of beet juice contains around 70 calories which is very low as compared to other types of juices. This will not make weight loss too difficult when consumed by anyone who doesn’t want to gain weight. Taking too much juice will therefore not affect the rate of calorie intake daily. Beets also have got high fibre which scrub intestines, flushs out toxins as well as keeping the stomach full for long.

Preventing of neural tube defects

Beets are also perfect sources of folates. These folates are essential in DNA synthesis in the cells. Beets therefore, prevent neural tube defects in babies especially when given during the peri-conception period.

Diabetes reduction

Beets also help in reduction of diabetes. It contains an antioxidant which lowers the glucose level, prevent oxide stress and also increase the sensitivity of insulin. As a result, it will reduce the rate of diabetes.

Consuming beet juice

To get the best juices from beets, you have to mix it with other vegetables and fruits such as pineapples, papaya, carrots or apples. When choosing the best beets, one should always take the smooth and firm. The beautifully colored ones are also the best since they contain high concentration of nutrients. Make sure to drink the juice when it is fresh since important nutrients may be lost when exposed to the air. Always store the juice through freezing it inside air tight containers.


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      It's soooooooo long, ain't a good reader! Lemme just take that beets are beneficial. Thank you!


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