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Is it Easy to be Healthy today? - Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Care of Yourself Now!

Updated on January 5, 2015

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Regardless of which era we are in, health would always be a paramount issue that all beings would be concerned with. In today's society, especially in Singapore, the societal norms have changed and this has eventually led to the query of whether it is easy to be healthy today. By referring to a healthy person, it means to be able to carry out daily routine and is free from illnesses. In terms of curing illnesses effectively, technology has aided humans in doing so; not just to rid the viruses but also prevent people from contacting illnesses. In order for one to stay healthy, individuals ought to have self-discipline and abstain from the unhealthy food which may increase the chances of one falling sick. Staying healthy is easy today for which the possibility of being healthy are proliferated.

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."
"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." | Source


With great amount of resolution, almost anything is possible. Self-discipline would play a part in shaping the norms of a healthy person. As a saying goes, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." By consuming staple food which consists of 1.5 servings of rice, 2 servings of vegetables and fruits, and one serving of red meat, the chances of one to stay healthy would increase. Not to mention that all the food mentioned above are readily available to people in most of the 1st world countries due to growing affluence today. How hard would it be to have a proper diet or at least, an apple daily? By staying disciplined, health would always be in one's favour.

On the other hand, we also cannot neglect the possibility of one not staying disciplined. Not everyone has absolute self-control and can abstain from the distractions. Today, the cultural shift has led to an unhealthy lifestyle of the people. Due to the increasing competitiveness off the global market, one has to work harder in order to achieve their desired outcomes in life. Hence, this may have caused some people to work overtime and some even have to burn midnight oil to complete their tasks on time. According to a survey conducted by the Health Promotion Board in Singapore, approximately 45% of the workforce falls sick due to insufficient sleep and rest. Such figures alert us that in these times, mandatory work may have to take precedence over health. Sadly.


Technology has helped humans to overcome their shortcomings and mitigate health problems. With advanced technology, artificial means of providing additional nutrients have been made possible. In the recent years, researchers have come up with methods to grow crops with extra vitamins. An example of which would be the Golden Rice where there are enhanced vitamin A and vitamin B, thus blessing the consumers with the nutrients their bodies needed. This is not exhaustive. Nowadays, protein powders, vitamin pills can be purchased at your local shopping malls in vicinity or even online! It has become so banal that many people purchase them and have them on a daily basis.

Advent of new and stronger viruses

Partially due to global warming, rising temperature has led to the advent of new viruses and pathogens. These viruses attack people's immune system and cause them to fall sick. At times, people may not be prepared to combat the virus and thus fall sick. Just recently (late-2014), the deadly virus named Ebola broke out and spread to the masses to people all over the world, putting certain cities like Sierra Leone into a dire situation. A person with the Ebola virus has a 90% chance of dying from it. That's a disturbingly high fatality rate! Doctors and scientists at that time (and even now) didn't really have the solutions to stop these pathogens from spreading so quickly.

Take care of your health!
Take care of your health! | Source


Health is an imperative concern to all. Can the ease of being healthy be measured by medical instruments? In Singapore or in the U.S, it may be easy for one to stay healthy today due to the accessibility of healthcare services. But what about those children in Africa? Hopefully one day, technology can do us good and make immortality a possibility.


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