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Healthy Way of Fasting During the Holy Ramadan Month

Updated on May 5, 2020
Dt Cijini Manoj profile image

Autor is a diet consultant with 5 years of experience as a clinical dietitian. She loves to share her knowledge of dietetics to help others.


It is an age-old tradition for the Muslim people to keep fast in Ramadan month in their calendar. There are some psychological reasons behind it that lead them to this type of ritual. First of all their major motto to have fast in Ramadan is to build self-restraint and self-discipline. The create consciousness of God and also the self-control by purifying their own body. It is also a way for them to bring inner peace and empathize with the poor. They do it only for their purpose of life and even generally it helps a lot to improve their health conditions.

Benefits of Fasting

We go through a lot of health problems related to our digestive system and a day of fasting can improve the whole system in our body.

  • It will affect our bowel movement which will be a great way of keeping ourselves fit and healthy all the time.
  • It decreases the craving for food even without hunger.
  • We will also be able to control our frequency of drinking coffee and tea.
  • Gradually it will improve our health and give us a better life and better thinking.

So it is a scientific and relevant practice among the Muslims to have a fast in Ramadan.

What to Eat in Pre Dawn Meal (Suhoor) ?

The first and the most important thing is not to skip suhur, because it gives three fourth of the energy. We need to eat a healthy and balanced meal at this time. Try to reduce simple sugars and include complex carbohydrates like whole grains and salads. So that it will be digested very slowly and keep you hunger-free till the dusk. And try to reduce salt intake too, because it can make you thirsty.

What to Have in Iftaar (Meals eaten after sunset) ?

Try to make nutrient-dense food and don’t overlook for quantity. To maintain hydration enough water should be consumed like plain water, clear broths. fruit juices etc. To make your body cool include foods like cucumber, pineapple, oranges, and melons. Try to avoid fried, spicy and salty foods during this time which may lead to bloating, leaving you feeling uncomfortable as you make your prayers.

Achieving Weight Loss During Ramadan

Let us benefit from Ramadan to achieve weight loss goals. It is important to start with small and achievable goals for the month.commit to take small but vital changes in your life –whether in your food choices, physical activity, or other aspects of your personal life. For example, aim to lose 2-3 during the month. It has been proven that a weight loss of.5-1 kg per week is a healthy and achievable weight loss target for healthy individuals.

Find out what type of physical activity is best for you.

Talk to your doctor and healthcare team if you suffer from any diseases, conditions, or injuries before starting any physical exercise regimen.

Set a plan to get about 30 minutes of exercise on most days.Slot a particular time in your daily schedule to exercise and stick to it.

Dietary Guidelines in Fasting

  • Limit fat, especially saturated and trans fat instead of this try using olive oil or groundnut oil in recipes and for sautéing.
  • Avoid deep-frying and try baking with little oil. They may taste different from what you are used to at the beginning but they taste crunchier.
  • Select lean cuts of beef and lamb when shopping. Remove all visible fat from meat before cooking. Remember to take the skin off chicken before eating it.
  • Try different varieties of fish and different ways of cooking like baking, grilling, or poaching.
  • Make a salad dressing with olive, lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Eat whole grains. Good choices include brown rice, oats whole wheat, etc
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in the recipes. It can often be cut into half.
  • Choose fresh vegetables and fruits and have them with peels or skins as often as possible. These are very rich in fiber content. High fiber intake reduces bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in your blood.
  • Substitute desserts and sweets with fresh whole fruits and dried fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water. Replace carbonated and sugary drinks with water, low-fat milk, buttermilk, and vegetable broths.

Three Day Sample Diet Plan

Chappathy- 3 no; Dal fry-1/2 cup Tomato salad-1/2 cup Mlk-200 ml
Vegetable pulao-1 ½ cup Chicken curry -75 gm Vegetable raitha – ½ cup
Milk - 200 ml
Dosa – 3 no: Channa masala – 1 cup Pineapple panaconda -200 ml
Appam – 3 no Chicken stew – 1 cup Vegetable and beans salad-1/2 cup
Milk - 200 ml
Idiyappam – 3 no: Egg roast – 1 cup Sliced banana- 3 to 4 no Tender coconut water-200 ml
Ghee rice- 1 ½ cup Dal fry-1/2 cup Onion raitha-1/2 cup
Milk - 200 ml

The above sample diet plan can be taken for reference.


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    • Dt Cijini Manoj profile imageAUTHOR

      Cijini Manoj 

      11 months ago from Kerala

      thanks, Vikram for your honest comments....there are so many dietary tips during Ramadan fasting... I limited to this...will be updating soon...

    • talesofvikram profile image

      Vikram Brahma 

      11 months ago from Assam, India

      Hey Cijini this is very detailed article. I am not aware of such things in so many details. Although I have lived in Hyderabad and I know about this fasting month. I have even gone to one Muslim friend during the last day of fasting and had food with their relatives.

      Your article gives so much information about fasting and I am happy to read this article. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Cijini karan 

      12 months ago

      thank you murali sir for your support and guidance...will be including diabetic tips too...thanks suchi and sowrabha....your motivation and encouragements make me a responsible writer..thanks for supporting

    • Dt Cijini Manoj profile imageAUTHOR

      Cijini Manoj 

      12 months ago from Kerala

      Thank you nikhil...will try to write on different diet during different disease conditions...

    • sachnikh profile image

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Hello Ms. Cijini. Following the fasting ritual during Ramadan is really very difficult. People can remain without food for several days, but staying without water, in this summertime, is extremely difficult. Thank you for bringing this informative article mam into the limelight. I'm sure many of the people are confused about what to eat, what to avoid, during Ramadan and you have wonderfully described everything in the article.

      I'm sure, a lot of people who are doing Ramadan will get benefitted from your article. The various benefits of fasting you mentioned are really worth following.

    • Sowrabha Mahesh profile image


      12 months ago from Bengaluru

      Hi Cjini! Very relevant and interesting article. Thanks for highlighting the scientific aspects of fasting.The guidelines to be followed ups the value of the article. The best part is the inclusion of the sample diet plan. Thank you for this article.

    • Suchismita pradhan profile image

      Suchismita Pradhan 

      12 months ago from India

      Very informative and high value article.Everyone who is offering fasting must go through this article.For a good health one need a good and balanced diet.Thanks for sharing.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      12 months ago from South India

      A very good article, Ms Cijini, it has to be read by those who observe fasting. Each sentence of the article is relevant and when it comes from an expert, it has high value. If we prepare food at home and have it indoors, it will be really good and healthy. Eating junk food after fasting makes the situation worse. Your advice to have pure water has much relevance particularly when it is summer. Is there any special recommendations for those who have diabetes, mainly because most of those elderly ones fasting may need special care, right?


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