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DASH Diet Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

Updated on January 9, 2015

Quick and Easy DASH Diet Recipes

Recipes to Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Sugar, and Lose Weight

Do you enjoy light and easy recipes? This collection of DASH Diet recipes are good year-round and are terrific for those who don't want to do any heavy cooing. For those times when I don't want to do much cooking, the DASH Diet Quick and Easy Recipes: Soups, Salads, Stir Fry and Spring Rolls cookbook gives me a quick answer. There's a nice variety of recipes in each of the categories. The Ginger Veggie Spring Rolls are a favorite.

Why the DASH Diet

Earlier this year I saw a few articles about the DASH Diet. Then Dr. Oz did a couple of shows and talked about its many health benefits. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and the diet was created by the Mayo Clinic as a way to stop hypertension or high blood pressure. I also learned that many doctors recommend the DASH and that the diet has been ranked as #1 four years in a row by US News and World Report. Although I hadn't heard that much about it until earlier this year. I've already written about first book in this series that contains smoothie recipes for the DASH Diet.

The big plus for me is that the diet lowers all the major numbers most people want lowered: cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and, of course, weight. My numbers are up and it's time to do something about it.

What's in the book?

The cookbook gives you a general introduction to the diet and provides resource links if you want to learn more, but it is primarily a recipe collection that features food that is easy and fast to make and eat. This is definitely the time of year when I like to eat this type of food. I've never made spring rolls before so it's been fun. I love soups and salads, and you can't go wrong with stir-fry. All in all, the recipes suit me. This recipe collection is part of a series of recipe books focusing on the DASH Diet. I have already written about the book of smoothie recipes for the DASH Diet.

You also get a nice bonus book that details tips, strategies, and success stories. I began this series with the DASH DIET SMOOTHIES book.

Can't make Spring Rolls?

Don't worry. Scroll down. You can watch one of the videos I watched to create the fresh spring rolls offered in the recipe collection -- and you'll have fun, too. You can do this.

DASH Diet Smoothies: For Low Salt, Low Cholesterol, Weight Loss, and Diabetes Diets (DASH Diet Cookbook Book 1)
DASH Diet Smoothies: For Low Salt, Low Cholesterol, Weight Loss, and Diabetes Diets (DASH Diet Cookbook Book 1)
I started my DASH adventure by making the smoothies that work with the DASH Diet that are found in this book.

Good Introduction to the DASH Diet

An easy way to begin to incorporate any dietary lifestyle change is to start with the addition of smoothies. In DASH DIET SMOOTHIES, I found great recipes to help me begin the process of changing my diet. I began my flirtation with the DASH Diet earlier this year when I decided to give the diet a try. I also wanted to start drinking more smoothies as there are a lot of health benefits to be gained when they are added to any diet. I pulled out my blender and started trying the various recipes. I enjoyed them and that led me to expand my DASH Diet horizon.

DASH Diet Recipes for Vegans: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers and Desserts (DASH Diet Cookbook Book 3)
DASH Diet Recipes for Vegans: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers and Desserts (DASH Diet Cookbook Book 3)
Great way to go meatless for a day, a week, a month or longer. Although I'm not a true vegan or vegetarian, I've always had a habit of having several meatless days during the week and found these recipes to be helpful.

DASH DIET Recipes for Vegans

The Dash Diet adapts easily to a Vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians can also implement the diet, so the recipes in DASH Diet Vegan Recipes is geared for those who want to incorporate a meatless eating plan and still follow the diet. If you don't want to be a full-blown vegan, that's fine. These recipes will work in a dietary approach. Perhaps you've added Meatless Monday to your daily eating habits, these recipes will be of great help because they are vegan. Maybe you just like to go meatless every now and then. No matter how you are doing the DASH Diet, the recipes found in this volume will be fine.

Learn how to make Thai Spring Rolls. It's easy, and it's fun. 

You don't have to be afraid of making spring roll. There are plenty of how-to videos on You Tube, like this one, to show you the way. So don't let that stop you from adding this recipe book to your collection.


I found a lot of recipes to use as I continue to explore the DASH Diet. As I mentioned before, I'm don't have a classic vegan lifestyle or am even a strict vegetarian but I do tend to go meatless several days a week. I will say that in the past when health issues have come up, I have turned to a purely vegan lifestyle in order to manage the conditions, so I like to have plenty of vegan recipes on hand. I would recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys good food and wants to apply the DASH Diet principles to their daily eating habits.


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