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Discover Exactly How To Help Some-0ne Quit Smoking For Good

Updated on August 30, 2012

Help some-one stop smoking

Have you ever wanted to help some-one quit their smoking addiction? If so,there are really three important steps you should bear in mind. Those steps are to be supportive of them during the quit smoking campgain,educate your-self on the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine and provide support when and if there is a relapse. After reading this artcle you will have an excellent plan of attack to assist some-one banish their smoking addiction. 

First, there is one important consideration when you attempt to help some-one stop smoking. The decision the quit must be made by them,not you! Until they them-selves make that decision there really much you can do. As much as we would like, we can’t force some-one to quit if they are not ready. Once they have made the decision offer them your full support. Don’t nag them or pressure them. This can create stress for them and make them want to smoke. Also, remember that quitting is their decision and their responsibility. Never feel guilty if they fail.

After establishing an understanding that the person must first decide to quit is the most important step.Let's look at the next step. When you try and help some one with their smoking habit, it help tremendously to understand nicotine addiction. Once you get an understanding of the challenges of nicotine addiction you will be more patient with them. One of the most important facts about nicotine withdrawal is that the physical symptoms usually start to fade about two weeks. Tell you friend or loved one this fact and it will make it easier for them to see the light at end of the tunnel.

Understanding nicotine addiction is very necessary when you lend your support to some-one looking to make this change in life-style. Rarely is success in life a straight forward march. Usually you take two steps forward and one step back. When trying to overcome a smoking habit, there is bound to be a relapse. In fact, many smokers will have to attempt quitting at least seven times before they finally quit. So be understanding and stay supportive. Encourage them to get back on course. Get them to see this as a marathon not a sprint.

There will be challenges that you will face when you decide to help some-one quit smoing, but it can be done. You must always remember to give them your support when they make the decision to quit, realize the symptons of nicotine addiction and to remain supportive if they relapse. By using these simple,effective tips you will be better prepared to lend your support to a friend or family member who want to make this important life-style change.


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