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Help! StretchMarks Attack!

Updated on March 16, 2013

A True Pregnancy Story

I just saw them this morning when I checked my belly for stretchmarks. I was kinda hoping that I'm one of those lucky women who don't get them. Clearly, I'm not because they are definitely showing already...those damn red and angry scratches. I already have them on my breasts, too. :-(

But, like what they say, having these marks are one of the dreaded side-effects of pregnancy and it's something that a woman should expect to have and accept willingly. But, is there really nothing we can do to avoid them?

According to some articles I've read, there are a few tips we can try for stretchmarks prevention and overall pregnancy health.

Note: I wrote this article last December, 2011 for one of my blogs, but finally brought it here in Squidoo when I decided to close that site down.

1. Watch what you eat.

Eating for two is not true! Yes, we need the extra energy from food as baby grows, but these additional calories should come from a balanced diet of nutritious foods. This will ensure a gradual rate of weight gain during pregnancy as doctors and nutritionists advice, thus preventing sudden stretching of the skin and also for the overall health of both mom and baby. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods loaded with vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc and essential fatty acids can give skin the health boost that it needs and keep it hydrated as well.

2. Improve circulation through massage and exercise.

Studies show that massaging the skin regularly using a massage glove or moisturizer can aid in improving circulation. This in turn helps stimulate cell growth and renewal, and improves the skin's elasticity, which is the skin's ability to stretch as it grows. Exercise has the same effect too in boosting your body's circulation, energy-building, and preventing swollen ankles and varicose veins during pregnancy.

3. Moisturize and use stretch mark creams as early as possible.

Prevention is better than cure, is what people always say. This may also be true in preventing stretchmarks, but we should not keep our hopes up because there is no evidence that stretch mark creams actually work. Nevertheless, everyone is free to try them. They say that the best way to use them is to start application immediately and to do it religiously.


Honestly, I wasn't able to practice these tips religiously. For one, I haven't used any special creams on my skin because the stores here don't have any of the brands mentioned above. Luckily, my sister in Manila promised to send me some Palmer's stretchmarks cream this Christmas. I hope it's not too late for me to use it. I might also write a review on them later on.

So, for those of you out there who are just starting out on your pregnancy, take heart and follow these tips for preventing stretchmarks. Who knows, they might work for you!

When it comes to stretch marks, prevention is better than cure...

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    • betta addict profile image

      betta addict 4 years ago

      @VspaBotanicals: Thanks for the kind commend VspaBotanicals! :D

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      Very informative info. Great lens.

    • betta addict profile image

      betta addict 5 years ago

      @Louidam1 LM: Thanks Louidam1!!! Yeah, me, too!!! LOL - Joey

    • Louidam1 LM profile image

      Louidam1 LM 5 years ago

      I wish I would've known about this information before having my two daughters! I have stretch marks and I hate them!!! Great lens!