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Gifts for the Visually Impaired

Updated on July 31, 2013

Visually Impaired: Gifts that make a difference

My husband had juvenile onset of diabetes. Later in his life he suffered many of the health problems caused by diabetes. In his early twenties he suffered diabetic retinopathy, later followed by diabetic neuropathy, kidney failure and heart failure.

Through tremendous hardships he maintained a sense of humor, great spirit and courage. He was a fighter who seemed to have an endless reserve of determination and hope. A doctor once told him he may never walk again, but my husband was the type of man who considered the doctor's statement a challenge and not cause for defeat. His reaction was to take up rock climbing and eventually regained the ability to walk.

Through all the problems, it was the complete loss of one eye and being legally blind in the other that caused him the most frustration. Things others do everyday without a second thought are stumbling blocks for anyone who is sight impaired.

We discovered many products to help make these routine tasks a little easier. Many of these low-vision aids make terrific gifts during the holidays or any day of the year.

Make Reading Easier - For every sale from Amazon on this page, Squidoo donates $1 to Room to Read

For the sight-impaired, seeing little things like the price label in a store, the labels on medicines or the measurements on a syringe can not only be a challenge, but may even pose a danger. Having a portable reader is extremely helpful. Magnifying glasses are often used, but sometimes they are not quite enough.

SmartView Versa 4.3 Inch Color Portable Video Magnifier - 3 Hrs. of Battery Use!
SmartView Versa 4.3 Inch Color Portable Video Magnifier - 3 Hrs. of Battery Use!
Easy to carry and runs on battery power so you may take it anywhere. Also connects to the TV. It is invaluable for reading product ingredients, product warnings even product descriptions.

What Time is It? - Time is Critical

Anyone with health problems is very sensitive to time. There are doctor's appointments and medications which are time sensitive...and who doesn't need to keep track of the time. It is even more difficult for someone who is visually impaired to stay on top of their daily schedules. Help your loved one stay on track.

Famous Visually Impaired People

Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles were all visually impaired or blind who made a tremendous impact in our lives. Here is an interesting article with some surprises as to additional celebrities 10 Blind People Who Changed The World

Technology Presents Problems for Sight-Impaired - Little buttons, unlit screens...

Technology is both a tremendous help and a tremendous problem for the sight-impaired. It seems as technology becomes more advanced, things get smaller and more complicated. The buttons on many devices are not only small and unlit, but are frequently black buttons against a black background. Help manuals are often presented on-line and are small hard-to-see icons. Here are some great products to help with some of these problems.

Don't Forget the Fun

Help your loved one join in all the family fun with these great gifts.

Top Myths of the Visually Impaired

According to the American Foundation for the Blind, the most "common myths about the visually impaired are:

1.they can't live independently,

2.can't read regular sized print,

3.can't drive

4.and don't need training for mobility or orientation."

Give Them The Books They Love

There is nothing better than a great book. However, for the visually impaired it can often be cost prohibitive to buy large print books. With technological advances which resulted in ebooks and Kindles, the problem is all but solved. Not only does the Kindle family of readers allow the user to adjust the font size, but they can also order the book they've been wanting to read right from the comfort of they own home. In addition, because it is a convenient size and lightweight, it is extremely portable.


This Lens is Angel Blessed

This is such a great compliment. Thank you for the SquidAngel Blessing. I truly hope this lens helps others.


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