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Home remedies to improve eyesight

Updated on January 23, 2016

Home remedies to improve eyesight

The working and leisure habits of our new high-tech world are not kind to our eyes. In the information age we live in, more and more jobs are computer-based, causing an ever increasing number of people to spend long hours staring at a computer screen. Additionally, more and more people surf the Internet every day, either for work or for fun. If your days are spent in front of a computer and your evenings watching TV or surfing the Internet, your eyes never get a chance to relax. Putting too much strain on your eyes may cause permanent damage and eye problems. You could prevent many of these problems and ailments if you just listened to what your eyes are trying to tell you. If your eyes feel sore or tense, they are simply trying to tell you that they are overworked. A headache coming on behind the eyes means the same. When your body feels tired or strained, you do lie down and relax don't you? Are your eyes not worth the same treatment? Don' t wait until your eyes are bloodshot and burning to take a break. These signs mean that you have gone too far, you missed or ignored the previous signs and you are actually causing your eyes real damage.

Taking care of your eyes does not mean you have to give up computers or TV. Home remedies to improve eyesight only take up 15-20 minutes of your time each day. Relaxed eyes can focus better and help with comprehension of the things you are reading or looking at.

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Test the condition of your eyes

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Try this mental memory exercise. In order to maintain memory, you need to maitain vision as long as possible. Cover one eye and give aquick look at a letter in a document with the other eye. Now close both eyes and picture the letter in your mind as long as possible. Count how many seconds you can hold the image in your mind before it starts fading. Remember this number. Do the same thing for the other eye and compare the results. Now relax your eyes for a few minutes, and try again. Hopefully the results are different and the image stayed longer this time.

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Easy eye exercises that seem to help most people with eyesight problems


Are you straining your eyes?

How are your eyes responding to this lense? Are you straining or squinting to read the words on the page? Are your eyes relaxed, taking in the words easily, or are you staring at each word before jerking to the next one? Are you smiling, frowning, or concentrating too hard? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, shut down your computer right now and practice one of the eye relaxation exrcises you have just learned.


Simple home remedies to improve your vision

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Here are some easy home remedies to improve your vision by relaxing your eyes and prevent permanent damage, or improve your eyesight if you have noticed some problems lately. Even if you have been wearing glasses for years, these simple exercises can really make a difference.

Close your eyes

Simply close your eyes and concentrate on the darkness. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and think nice, pleasant thoughts. Keep your mind focused on as many pleasant things as you can for about 15 minutes. When you open your eyes, you will feel refreshed and you will be able to focus better.

Just imagine... being able to see clearly again, without glasses or surgery, just by doing a few simple exercises for a few minutes every day...


Take breaks

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Take short breaks every hour of work. Get up and walk around, looking at your environment in a relaxed way. In between these breaks, look away from the screen every 15-20 minutes for a minute or two, in order to refresh your eyes. Focusing for a long time at the same distance is bad for your eyes. Look at things close and far away to allow the eyes to adjust and move around. This will help prevent strain.

Keep blinking

Blink as often as you can to keep the eyes lubricated. Close your eyes and roll your eyeballs around.

Keep your eyes moving

Your eyes need to keep moving to stay healthy. Eyes never stop moving, unless we force them to. Even when we are asleep our eyes keep moving around in the dark. Your mind never stops working and as your mind is reflected in your eyes, your eyes never keep still either. Eyes hate being forced to stare at only one object. They like to move freely around, take in your surroundings and help your mind understand the world. When eyes are forced to keep still, they get damaged and lose their focus. The muscles around the eyes weaken and this may cause a number of common eye ailments. Eye movement should always be smooth and flowing, never jerky or bouncing around. You can teach the eyes to move smoothly by tracing objects. Try tracing around the edges of objects. Look around, letting your eyes outline people, houses, cars… After a few times, the objects should start to get clearer and the color brighter. Practice doing this every day to train the eyes to really look at things and not just stare.

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      Easy exercises to do. Definitely worth trying. Sure couldn't hurt your eyes. Thanks!

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