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Home remedy for decompression sickness (the bends)

Updated on April 1, 2012

Are you looking for a home remedy for decompression sickness? Are you looking for the easiest and safest way to cure yourself of decompression sickness from home? Well, if you are looking for a home remedy for decompression sickness, you will not find one here, and I'll tell you why.

First of all, there is no such thing as a home remedy for the bends, unless of course you have a hyperbaric chamber in your home. The reason that there is no home remedy or cure for the bends is because the only way to get rid of the bends and alleviate the symptoms is to be treated in a hyperbaric chamber and put yourself back under compression. When you are re-compressed, you will gradually be brought back to normal atmospheric pressure over a period of time, often up to six hours or more. After this treatment, you will be relieved of the bends. This is the only way to get rid of it.

You may have heard from other incidents of people who had DCS and it went away on it's own. This is not an often occurrence and most often it was a very very mild case of DCS. It is most definitely not recommended to see if your case of DCS will go away on it's own. Most of the time, it will not, and it will only get worse as time progresses. If you suspect your or someone else may have decompression sickness, get medical attention right away. Don't waste your time searching Google for home remedies for the bends. There won't be any and if there are, they are complete lies and wastes of precious time.

If you absolutely need a home remedy for decompression sickness though, the closest thing you can get to a home remedy is to take the time to sit at your computer and sign up for DAN (Diver's Alert Network). It is cheap and well worth the time of any diver, including you. What makes this a home remedy you might ask. Well, you can sign up from home by going to DAN's website. I get nothing from you signing up, if you are wondering if I'm an affiliate. Nope, I'm not. I don't even think they offer a program. What I do get is the satisfaction of knowing that I helped make another diver safer while diving.

DAN offers specialized programs just for you, a diver. They cover expenses for DCS incidents and other diving related problems. It is very cheap and you only pay once per year. It is highly recommended. I use DAN and so should you. You will wish you did if you ever have to pay an very expensive diving accident medical bill ;). They are not fun. Keep diving and have fun!


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    • hbmurray profile image

      John Murray 11 months ago

      Hyperbaric chambers are not as uncommon as you might think! We speak with many people daily on how they can get their own hyperbaric chamber for home use to help improve their health. We have medical specialists that answer questions about hyperbaric medicine and clarify how it might help.