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Home water purifier doubles as Emergency water supply

Updated on October 17, 2011

A home water purifier can be a practical solution for producing fresh filtered drinking water for you and your family. Using a good hoe water filter can be an inexpensive way to guarantee your drinking water is always safe and healthy. Many house water filters are small enough to take traveling, camping or in the car but big enough to provide an emergency water supply for a group for several months. Several models are verified to remove bacteria, microbes and pathenogens from standing or stagnant water. This indicates that they can also be used as an emergency water supply if disaster strikes. Choose a house water filter model that removes all the contaminants and you won’t ever have to worry about what is in your glass of water on any given day.

Everyone lives down stream from somewhere, and many sources are polluting the water supply. A home water purifier can protect you and your family’s health, wherever you live. Any number of unscrupulous businesses could be dumping toxic solutions into a water shed that feeds the water system near you. The worst part about it is that you might never know because many chemicals and dangerous bacteria like Giardia, E-coli and parasites are completely odorless tasteless and invisible. You can protect yourself by using a water filter purifier that is rated to remove these bacteria and chemical dangers.

On the faucet, countertop and under the sink

Nearly every home you walk into today has some sort of house water filter on the counter or under the kitchen sink. It’s for a good reason. If you live near a large city you know better than to drink unfiltered tap water. Water boil advisories are commonplace. Under water advisory the typical suburban house water filter on the end of the tap will not make your water safe to drink.

In my city, the local government pays the EPA fines everyday due to polluting the water supply. We pay fines and get to drink polluted water. This influenced my decision to use a home water purifier instead of a cheap home water filter that only removes silt and the taste of chlorine.

So is a house water filter really so important if you don’t live in a big city? What if you have a lovely second home in the mountains or are lucky enough to live on the beach? Surely, those water supplies are pure. Pollution is everywhere and much of it is carried by wind and rain, so it is nearly impossible for any water supply to escape contamination. Please make responsible environmental choices whenever you use chemicals or any kind, in or around your home. Your children could end up drinking that garden spray.

What would you do if you found out that you have been drinking contaminated water for years? Chances are you would be angry to find when you or someone you know began suffering from a debilitating or life threatening illness. A home water purifier could eliminate this problem before it happens and give you peace of mind as well as great tasting clean water. Be aware that many home water filters do not actually remove microbes, bacteria and pathenogens, so check for this feature when shopping for a home water purification and filtration system.

The EPA says that immediately after a natural disaster is the most common time for short term water contamination to happen. You may not even be aware that the water is not safe. This way while you are picking up the pieces - your family wouldn’t have to suffer dehydration or other health threats. When disaster strikes, no one is truly ready for it, but you can be prepared with an emergency water supply because you can use certain home water filter systems to create clean drinking water from stagnant water.

Drink healthy drinking water before or after an emergency. You should look for a water filter purifier that is gravity fed and can reduce contaminants without the use of power.There are a lot of good products on the market today and they are relatively inexpensive. Another important element in having a house water filter for emergencies is to have a system that can be moved with you in case you need to evacuate your home.

Portable water filters can be lifesavers.

Don't live in fear of an emergency or polluted water supply - be prepared. The least you can do is have a home water filter purifier handy in the event of an emergency. Even if you have a water filter purifier, make sure that it filters out harmful microbes and bacteria as well a s offensive taste or smell.

Be prepared with safe drinking water.

Yes, this sounds pretty scary, drinking polluted water that has bugs in it and you might be thinking that would never happen to you. I hope and pray it never does happen to you, but thousands of people a year find themselves in the situation where they need an emergency water supply.

How well are you prepared for a natural disaster? Do you know what you would do if you suddenly had no water coming out of the tap for days or even weeks? This situation doesn't strike everyone, but when it does, clean, safe, filtered drinking water is the very first priority. Would your typical house water filter keep you safe? Absolutely not.

Be prepared to stay healthy.

Protect yourself and your family by filtering your drinking water today and by using a system that can do double duty in an emergency. Look for a home water purifier that filters out dangerous bacteria, diseases and chemicals and that works without power or water pressure. Make sure it is approved by the EPA to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants. A great home water filter will give you safe drinking water in every situation daily use and as an emergency water supply.


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    • profile image

      laurens health 9 years ago

      I'm with Beth on that. It's a terribly frightening situation...I wouldn't want to lose my home and get sick as well. Especially since I doubt that the hospitals would really be prepared to deal with that kind of thing anyway. Remember what happened in the hospitals in New Orleans after Katrina? It was pretty scary.

      I'd rather have something so that at least if I have to stay in a tough situation I'll be safe.

      It's great that it's been approved by the EPA for actually filtering out various pests including bacteria and such. I suppose the only other thing to do would be buying bottled water but it's so expensive and I'm sure that people would capitalize on it after a disaster. I imagine that they'd really inflate the prices, maybe doubling it or worse.

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      That's a great idea. I heard fter Hurricane Katrina that a lot of people were having trouble getting safe water. It was ironic, of course, because their homes were flooded...there was water everywhere. But they couldn't use it.

      Having a water filter, a safe one that got rid of bacteria and whatnot would be a real asset in that kind of situation. Thanks for sharing!! It's a good thing that they make special filters for that kind of thing. I'll remember that. What's so important, afterall. It's not something you can do without for a few days, like food...which is necessary but not critical.

      Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm looking forward to reading your other stuff.