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HelpYour Energies Flow aHomedics Envirascape Relaxation Fountain

Updated on June 6, 2013

Homedics Envirascape relaxation fountain

The Homedics Envirascape relaxation fountain is a modern design light weight table top fountain that is great for the office or home for those who enjoy oriental designs or keeping the energies of the rooms flowing.

The Homedics relaxation fountain is designed to be an indoor water fountain and is not suitable for the outside.

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Homedics envirascape relaxation fountain - envirascape fountains

homedics envirascape relaxation fountain

Homedics Envirascape relaxation fountain

the beautiful and relaxing Homedics Envirascape relaxation fountain fills the home with relaxing sounds of water flowing continuously without interruption or getting stuck. The soft and gentle illuminations allows the water to reflect gently form the surrounding walls.

Relaxation Fountains in The Home

Relaxation fountains are great for those who love nature or feng shui as they can bring these relaxing sounds and positive energies into the home. Water is one of the most relaxing sounds in nature and whether you love the modern or traditional there are relaxation fountains that will suit your home. Mostly these are made in traditional or modern materials like wood, stone or metal but the designs vary to suit many tastes.

Trial by Cat for the Homedics Relaxation Fountain

homedics relaxation fountain

Different Envirascape Fountains

There are many different Envirascape fountains and designs that will fit into your home decor perfectly. There are several designs that I like including this modern one as it is a bit different. There are also wavy ones and traditional fountain ones.

How to Get the Most from Your Envirascape Relaxation Fountain

To get the most form your Envirascape relaxation fountain just follow a few simple steps.

This little fountain is designed for front and side views only so the back needs to be up against something for it to shine it's best effects.

You must wash the fountain before use to make sure that it flows properly and that there is no dust in it. If you do this you will have a quiet fountain but if you do not then it will be noisy as there may be dust in it. Once washed it takes a few minutes and then it is quiet. You can arrange your pebbles to your liking ad to minimize any pump hum. This is a pleasant task that can be repeated if you like to.

It is possible to change the flow on the fountain to what you desire. Also make certain you completely immerse the pump to avoid unnecessary sounds.

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relaxation fountains

envirascape fountains

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