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how acne generate what are causes and remedies

Updated on March 18, 2011

Acne on face



                                    Acne is a disorder of inner skin. when we have some disorder in the thin membranes of skin it results in the form of some inflammation and when it disturbs the circulation of blood then plate lets and white blood cell gather in it and try to cure it.which we can see on the top of acne.




there are two main types of acne

(1) Mild acne(2) Severe acne


In this type of acne we include White Heads, Black Heads and small pimples.

White Heads

In this type of acne we face small hard white colored pimples . it aggravates in the follicle . and it is hard like a pin .And mostly found under eyes and on open pores.


to avoid from the white heads please use cold water for face washing. Do proper cleansing And use mask.


In this type of acne we faces black dot like pimples and marks. In real when our Collagen membrane rapture and follicle attacked by the dust then pores of skin open and then filled with dust and it appears as black heads. It mostly found on Nose.


To avoid the black heads use scrub and after scrub use icing to close the open pores .Use face wash of good company and according to your skin.


In this type of mild acne some hormonal problems are prominent

it produce innermost from skin. Appears as small inflammatory dots with white fluid on top. This white fluid is white blood cell and plate lets which fight against the infection in the inner skin.


                Don't touch this with fingers . Use a good astringent to clean it. Use acne face wash.

inner condition



there are two types of severe acne

(1) Cysts acne (2) Nodules acne


In this type of acne we face a big cyst in the inner skin . It is A big infection in the follicle . It is so painful. Because the cells of follicle ruptured and the massive fluid enters in other cells and make a hard cyst . This cyst removed with the raptures of collagin membrane . And when this cyst remove it give a hole and a dark spot. It usually agrivates due to the stomach disorder.


Don't use oily based cosmetics and thick layered creams. Clean out your face with an astringent and use a god cleansing cream not milk or cleansing lotion. Use cucumber or Lemon extract face wash.

Nodules acne


                              In this type of acne the cells of follicle damages and collects like a bundle in the outer membranes and form a nodule. Its big cause is Constipation an d lack of water in the body. these damaged cells turns in the hard black cluster . Its removal is so painful. After removal it give a scar and hole in the skin. it is mostly found in men. Nodules acne is mostly inherited. It damages the good condition of skin.


                   Use a proper anti biotic for its removal . Don't touch it with fingers . it is a touchy disease.   Use honey and lemon and honey and lemon containing products.


Eating habits also effects on acne. These effects can produce good and bad results on acne.

Healthy diet and less fat diet produce good effect on your skin and acne. Like use of fruits , Use of Salad , Raw vegetables and small portion of food.


Junk food, deep fried food, creamy food and high cholesterol food produce bad effects on skin and all over the body. These food work as a catalyst to produce acne.



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    • Cyprustree profile image

      Cyprustree 6 years ago from the Hell

      thanks for informations very useful

    • 2ndbrain profile image

      2ndbrain 7 years ago

      Thanks for this, good ways to reduce acne

    • azure_sky profile image

      azure_sky 7 years ago from Somewhere on the Beach, if I am lucky :)

      Very informative hub!! Thanks so much! I am sending a link this hub to a friend of mine....for her daughter to read :)

      Much appreciated!!!


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