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How Important Is Kundalini Awakening in Yoga?

Updated on December 26, 2015

The Concept of Kundalini in Yoga

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “coiled”. But in terms of yoga, it refers to the energy inside your body that is “coiled” and unconscious at the base of your spine. That is why it is referred to in English yoga texts as the “serpent power” due to this same description.

Most, if not all, yoga poses involve awakening energy inside your body. But in order for that to happen, one must manipulate both physical and spiritual body to prepare for the said awakening of energy. From the subtle energy channels located at the base of the spine, you need to tap it through the various channels until it is released via your crown chakra at the top of your head.

Kundalini Awakening Systems 1

Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Awakening

Sahaja Yoga is one of the most distinctive schools of yoga thought, which emphasizes the need to gain self-realization as a starting point in the practice, instead of being the end. It teaches the concept of kundalini awakening as the most important step you can use in order to achieve self-realization.

It recognizes the innate presence of kundalini energy inside the body and using the processes of yoga to direct those energies such that it produces its corresponding impact on your physical and spiritual body.

How Important is Kundalini Awakening?

The benefits and importance of Kundalini Awakening in the practice of yoga is not fully known, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is important to begin by analyzing what benefits one can gain from it such that you can invest a part of your routine into achieving this. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy through the practice of kundalini awakening:

  • On an external level, the act of eliminating energy blockages through kundalini awakening will provide relief against physical conditions that are manifestations of those blockages. Hence, it helps to regain normal function for your vital organs.
  • One is able to achieve more emotional stability and balance, which can be altered when someone is having energy blockages inside the system.
  • You are able to achieve collective consciousness wherein your senses are heightened to the point of being in union with a Divine Power.

Kundalini awakening

Asanas for Kundalini Awakening

Performance of yoga asanas is one of the core components in yoga practice and the same can be said of kundalini awakening. In fact, the ability to nurture your physical body plays an important role in attaining kundalini awakening, particularly with the elimination of energy blockages. Some experts also advocate nurturing this importance in the mind even at an early age.

Make sure to incorporate some of the following exercises in your yoga practice to achieve the benefits it promises until you have attained kundalini awakening.

Suggested Asanas for Kundalini Awakening

To facilitate in the attainment of Kundalini awakening, these are some of the yoga asanas that you need to include into your routine:

  • Sarvangasana – This will help add elasticity to your spine, strengthen your lungs, and improve thyroid gland function.
  • Salabhasana – By increasing the peristaltic movement in your bowels, you will get to improve bowel function and prevent related diseases.
  • Paschimottanasana – This will help tone your pelvic and hip muscles.
  • Dhanurasana – This exercise is performed by rolling from one side to another, which effectively massages your abdominal muscles.
  • Matsyasana – This exercise is ideal for improving lung function, while stimulating both brain and eyes.

To gain the benefits of performing each yoga asanas, you need to practice each exercise for at least one or two minutes. If you can manage to extend holding yourself in position, then do so. But beginners are not allowed to exert themselves more than their skill level to avoid acquiring injuries.

Sahaja Yoga- Self realization

Pranayama for Kundalini Awakening

Doing pranayama exercises play a crucial role in enriching your efforts to attain kundalini awakening since this affect the flow of energy throughout your body. You can experience more vitality, vigor, and increase longevity as well. Here are some tips to consider so you can enrich your efforts to attaining kundalini awakening through breath control:

  • Deep breathing exercises is one of the most beneficial in yoga. Try to hold in as much air as you can while ensuring that it is within your comfort level. Do this for a few rounds each morning.
  • The best thing about mildly practicing pranayama exercises is that it does not impose dietary restrictions nor require you to make lifestyle changes.
  • Avoid overexerting yourself. When you notice that something benefits you, then continue on. But if you start to experience any form of discomfort, then discontinue on with your practice.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation... Short meditation with instructions

Meditation for Kundalini Awakening

Meditation is one of the key practices that will enable you to achieve kundalini awakening. When you perform meditation, focus on attaining sincerity, sanctity, inner peace, holiness, and auspiciousness. But do not be limited to simply achieving those when in meditative state and work on acquiring them in your everyday life.

Here are some tips to use during practice:

  • Focus on the withdrawal of your senses by fixing your attention on a specific image or object. This will enable you to block out external forces and focus what is within.
  • Learn how you can control your emotions.
  • Acquire an optimistic attitude that is free of jealousy and desire for worldly things.
  • Focus on your divine nature, which is of the most essential, above all things.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - The kundalini knows everything about you

Self-Realization Through Kundalini Awakening

The attainment of self-realization is the highest form of achievement that one can gain through constant and dedicated practice of yoga. When you reach this stage, you have consequently achieved a deep level of inner peace and contentment such that you find the ultimate state of bliss. How does this happen? Read more below to find out.

  • Through self-realization, you have also achieved the highest form of spiritual perfection. All aspects of your yoga practice – physical, breath, mind, and spirit – are in union with each other.
  • Through self-realization, you get to enjoy the highest level of contentment that is pure and healthy.
  • Each process constituted in yoga are all intended for you to develop self-restraint, purity, and selflessness.
  • You achieve a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual body through the incorporation of the yoga asanas, breathing, and meditation.

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  • shaiena profile image


    4 years ago from Wyoming

    The All Seeing Eye my feelings are a bit similar, spirituality and science are integrated beautifully as we can wove ourselves into a magically content sacredness so to does spirituality in science. Religion in the West is controversially a physical correlation to science. As we are filling our spirits in growth through a physical presence in Church dedication or discipline we are experiencing a connection through our body's into our world but a bit different when we can sense our spiritual awakening in a material or human systems.

    Hub was nice to read. Thank you


  • carolinemd21 profile image

    Caroline Marie 

    6 years ago

    Great article!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Great Hub,

    thaks for sharing all your knowledge from tha Sahaja yoga discipline. I like it very much.

    blessing for all your path

  • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


    8 years ago from England.

    Another fantastic hub.

    I hope you don't mind me asking you TheresaAnn, but have YOU experienced any physic abilities through your meditation practices?

    Do you also feel that spirituality and science can work together hand in hand?

    My theory is science and Spirituality can but religion and science cannot.

    What are your thoughts on religion? Do you feel religion helps people along a true spiritual path?

    I think Eastern religion, especially Hinduism and Buddhism steers its followers towards knowing themselves within and connecting with spirit, but Western religion such as Catholicism and Christianity tend to make people look outside of themselves and worship the physical nature rather than the inner nature or spiritual self.

    What are your thoughts?


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