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6 Excellent Restless Leg Syndrome Home Remedies

Updated on April 19, 2015

RLS Can Lead to a Lack of Sleep

The sensation can make your legs feel as though they're vibrating
The sensation can make your legs feel as though they're vibrating

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

RLS is a neurological condition in which sufferers experience overwhelming sensations of discomfort in their leg muscles, particularly when they lying down to sleep in the evening. Whilst the unpleasant sensation can be temporarily eased by moving the affected leg, the tingling feeling quickly returns. Often if a person suffering from RLS doesn't move their legs, they'll be subject to a spasm which causes them to jerk violently. As movement is necessary to help relieve the feeling of discomfort, RLS is classified as a movement disorder.

Restless Legs Syndrome isn't directly too detrimental to your health but can lead to sleep deprivation which can cause several different issues such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the aforementioned leg spasms can make it incredibly difficult to sleep alongside a person suffering from RLS, so their can be negative implications on your personal and social life also.

Before I continue, I just want to point out that RLS is generally a lifelong condition with no known cure and the restless leg syndrome home remedies discussed in this article are designed to reduce the chance of it occurring rather than cure it indefinitely.

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3 Amazing Ways to Ease the Condition

When dealing with this condition, there are several excellent home remedies to help ease the tingly sensation in your legs so that you and your partner may enjoy a peaceful nights sleep. The three following methods I'm going to highlight can be used either just before going to bed or once you're actually in bed to help relieve the symptoms of RLS.

1. Light Exercise

A good way to prevent the symptoms of RLS from occurring during the night is to go for a light walk before you go to bed as this will ensure that your legs muscles are warm and supple during the night. A light walk is the ideal exercise before bed as jogging or even walking strenuously can actually cause the condition to keeping the muscles contracted whilst you're going to sleep. If it's late at night and you don't feel comfortable going outside or have been woken up by the symptoms then a brilliant technique is to simply stand up then bend over and attempt to touch your toes as this will stretch your calf muscles and relieve the sensation quickly.

2. Regulate Your Temperature

It's important to keep your muscles supple and warm during the night to avoid the sensation brought on by restless legs syndrome. A great way to regulate the temperature are to just have a bath before bed as this will warm your muscles up prior to go to sleep. You can also put a heat pad or hot water bottle over your leg muscle to keep it warm.

3. Distract Yourself

As I've indicated above, the condition is neurological which means it's greatly influenced by your state of mind. In order to relieve the symptoms or to prevent the condition, it's a good idea to keep your mind occupied whilst you're falling asleep. A good way to do this is to count backwards in your head (perhaps in multiples of 2 or 3) as this will keep your brain active so that you don't focus on the RLS but is repetitive enough that you can still drift into a peaceful sleep.

More Restless Leg Syndrome Home Remedies

3 Lifestyle Changes To Prevent the Condition

By making a few simple alterations in your daily life, you can reduce the likelihood of RLS occurring at night. As I've indicated, the condition is incurable but the following steps will help you to cope with and hopefully prevent the condition.

1. Iron Levels

A popular theory among medical professionals is that RLS can be caused by an iron deficiency. Altering your diet to include more iron is a good way to help prevent RLS from occurring or you can buy iron supplement tablets at over-the-counter pharmacies and most stores. Iron rich food types include fish, nuts, white and red meat and brown rice.

2. Regular Exercise

As I mentioned, light exercise before bed can help to reduce the tingly sensation in your legs, but exercising more regularly during the day could help prevent the condition altogether. Whenever people hear the term regular exercise I think they envision spending hours at the gym or running miles every morning, but simply taking the stairs or walking to work each day can boost your fitness and count as regular exercise. Keeping your muscles active during the day will help them feel warmer, more supple and also tire them out so they need to relax and repair during the night. Furthermore, Harvard university conducted a study on 80,000 women and found that women with obesity were 42% more likely to suffer from RLS than those of a healthier weight. So regular exercise can keep you fit, healthy and help you to maintain a healthy weight to avoid RLS.

3. Managing Your Sleep Cycle

Ironically, Restless Leg Syndrome can be caused by a lack of sleep, which can itself be caused by RLS. It's important to try to develop a good sleep pattern so that your body and brain become prepared to sleep at a certain time as this will allow you to enter a state of sleep more easily.

You can make small alterations to your lifestyle to develop a good sleep cycle including cutting down on the amount of caffeine you drink, reducing your alcohol intake and going to bed at a regular time. It’s also important not to watch television or use a computer before bed as the light in the type of screen used by these devices actually reduces melatonin production in the brain, the hormone which control your sleep-wake cycle. Furthermore, by removing the aforementioned appliances from your bedroom, your brain will begin to associate your bedroom with sleeping and not entertainment or work. Therefore, when you enter the bedroom, your brain will automatically prepare your body for rest and you'll fall asleep easier and avoid suffering from RLS.

By implementing these small changes you can improve the amount and quality of sleep you have, thus reducing the likelihood of restless leg syndrome.

Using the Restless Leg Syndrome Home Remedies

I feel it's important to once again repeat that Restless Leg Syndrome is an incurable, lifelong condition. The remedies offered in this article are designed to help you reduce the frequency and intensity of the condition by highlighting simple changes you can make in your daily life to reduce the factors which are considered to cause RLs and promote the factors which are thought to combat the condition.


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    • profile image

      Gill 4 months ago

      this is a really helpful site. I suffer from RLS and it is uncomfortable and tiring, but now i have found some strategies through your site that i can use, i will definitely try them. I would absolutely recommend your site to my friends who suffer from RLS. thanks