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How to Deal With Energy Vampires

Updated on August 10, 2016

Avoid people who suck your energy

There are some people who make you uneasy, unhapy, quilty. They suck your energy. They may be your friends, relatives or co workers.


In this hub I will write about who are they and how to deal with them.

My experience with energy vampires - Understanding the problem

There are many people who make me uncomfortable, unhappy, tired. These people have negative energy and I feel and get affected from this energy.

They are usually very common people who I can see every day.

For example

After a family meal I was returning home and feeling very tired, drained. I was unhappy without any reason. I thoght sadly that it happens al the time. A distant eldery cousin drains me out of energy each time I see her.

Why? She seems a harmles, old lady with polite manners.

During the meal she sat opposite to me and talked about general subjects, asked my kids, gave me advice, talked about her grandson. Such a normal conversation made me exhauses, stresses, anxious.

I feel quilty that I can not stand the presence of that old lady but when she starts a sentence as "you are young, how nice, when I was your age.... " I feel uneasy because I sense her fear of dead, her jelousy towards younger people. When she asks a question about my life I sense the critisim coming.

I think that ordinary old lady is an ENERGY VAMPIRE.

An old school friend always sucks my energy too. She is a beautiful, cultured lady but is always negative to life. She thinks everything happens to her. Her boyfriend, her boss or her friends are always guilty. She is a victim. She is unhappy etc...She never married and wants a kid desperately so she is the last person to talk about my family my children. I remember once I invited her to my sons birthday, I felt so depress and uneasy that day.

In fact, energy vampires are negative and unhappy people. As they have this bad energy, Willing or unwilling they can pass it to you. When you fell tried, unhappy they become happy and energetic as they received a part of our Chi-the vital energy-.

(Chi or life force is our vital energy. Each person is born with a certain amount of it. As we age, it slowly diminishes, eventually causing death of the body, unless something can be done to reverse the process. )

I have to live off my energy independently but if I let people steal my energy, I will have heath problems. It is vampirism if you are not in control, and others essentially manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner.

Now I try to deal with energy vampires.

Don't let Negative people

Rent a space in your head

Rise the rend and

Kick them out!

How to deal with Energy Vampires

Who are energy vampires? Why they have negative energy? How do they suck your energy? First define the problem.

Remember that the negative behaviour is a reflection of them. It tells you what kind of person they are and what issues they may be dealing with. It's not a reflection of who you are.

When you know who makes you sick, while talking to that person just SMILE and remain un efffected.

It's the emotions that these negative people stir up in you that you need to learn to distance yourself from. Just observe the room, that person, be detached, don't get involved.

"Energy Vampires" are going to appear in and out of our life. We have to learn how to deal with them

Follow the below mentioned steps to avoid energy vampires.

1. Define the problem

2. Who is the energy vampire, how you get negative energy from that person ?

3. When you spot out who the vampire is just ignore him/her. Smile while talking, observe the surrounding, don't get involved.

4. Show then he /she can not pass his negative energy to you.

5. Be positive

Draw a Mandala

I started drawing mandalas. It keeps all the negative energy away from me. It is a circle, spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. Drawing mandala and calming down eliminates all the negative energy from me. When I feel and hear a negative person, an energy vampire, I think about the new Mandala I will draw. That calms me.

Your experience with Energy Vampires...

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