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Secret Holiday Weight Loss

Updated on July 19, 2017

Holiday Family Dinner

When You've Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew

With the holidays upon us, most weight conscious eaters will find it hard to resist tempting treats and family gatherings around the dinner table. Most of the foods used in traditional cooking are highly acidic, high acid foods turn into fat causing weight gain, foods like macaroni and cheese, processed foods, sugar and animal protein. Holiday binging is a favorite pastime when large amounts of food is placed in front of you makes it that much harder to resist, in a desperate attempt you go on diets that don't live up to their promises to lose weight. Here is something to consider, when you balance your pH you lose weight rather than fad diets, chemistry has everything to do with weight loss. This year you can prepare meals that are less than fattening by reducing the amount of acid forming foods used in recipes but first you must follow a few basic steps on how to balance acid/alkaline levels in your diet, simply by using recipes that call for more alkaline foods.

When it comes to losing weight the human body is engineered to trim body fat however too much acid in the body can upset the digestive system, causing fat cells to grow larger and multiply. High acid levels in the body is usually caused by eating too many high calorie foods or junk foods like potato chips, cake, candy and soda. When you decrease your intake of acidic foods this will help balance your pH, it's the chemistry behind weight management.

Weight loss is not really a secret, it has everything to do with chemistry, it's the balancing of acid/alkaline levels in the body, which should be 30% acid and 70% alkaline for a proper ph balance. Using the pH balance approach to lose weight is what nature intended, choosing good nutritious healthy foods to eat can help restore pH levels back to health, more alkaline and less acidic, then the kidneys can do it's job of eliminating excess acid through the digestive tract turning food into energy instead of fat, that is why it is so important to choose the right foods to eat.

Knowing what your blood ph is can help, u can buy a test kit from your local health food store, once you know what your score is you can begin restoration whether too acidic or alkaline, it's keeping within the normal ph range that's the hard part, ph levels tend to fluctuate constantly depending on what you eat, once you start eating the right foods you should crave more of the same thereby in keeping with a well pH balance diet you should be able to maintain your ideal weight.

Holiday gatherings, where there's plenty of food to eat is the real test, 3 or 4 things that can help, eat smaller portions when it comes to food, fruits and vegetables are good choices, a little trick is to eat at home before coming out that way u won't be as hungry and drink plenty of water, it's filling.

A few items to help restore your body!

  • lemon
  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • pH drops
  • Vitamins and herbs

Testing Your Bodily Fluids

There are two ways to test your blood pH level:

  1. Urine test - For best results, it is recommended that you take the test in the Morning to get overnight excess acid.
  2. Saliva test - For best results, it is recommended that you take the saliva test in the morning before brushing your teeth or at least 2 or 3 hours after eating or drinking anything.

The Best Way To Loose Weight Is To Eat All You Want Of Everything You Don't Like.

— Oscar Wilde

Acid/Alkaline foods

The pH Balance Diet

It's easier to remember when going shopping, to choose more alkaline foods and less acidic foods, since the ratio for alkaline foods is higher. Getting the most out of what you eat is important, like fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. Acid forming foods, like rice, pasta and wheat should be eaten in minimal amounts. Substitute meat for other protein foods like, fish, eggs, and tofu. Switching from high calorie foods to low calorie foods can help with weight loss.

Dealing with HUNGER PAINS, a mineral deficient system due to acid erosion is the body starving for nutrition. The loss of these vital minerals increases hunger, a balance diet of fruits and leafy green vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals for good nutrition and healing. Knowing which fruits and vegetables to eat is easy. Below are a list of acid/alkaline foods

.Acidic Foods:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Extremely fried foods
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Soda beverages
  • Artificial sweeteners

Alkaline Foods:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Turnips
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • blueberries
  • Apples
  • Alfalfa

These foods compliment each other with a combined acid/alkaline ratio is sure to get the basic nutritional balance and keep weight under control. Once you get in the habit of shopping for the same foods over again, you will know what foods to shop for.

Drinking water is important, when you do the math, for every gallon of water you drink, you flush out a significant amount of acid from the body. Makes sense to drink plenty of water. On occasion adding a lemon to a glass of water, will perk up pH levels because of it's alkalizing effect, alkaline water will do the same.

Exercise is important, studies show if you get at least 50 minutes of exercise every week, this is enough to get the metabolic rate going which will burn more calories and increase oxygen levels will help burn off fat molecules. Below is some information explaining the science behind the blood pH balance effects...


pH Scale

pH Science

pH stands for potential of hydrogen. A pH scale measures the amount of acid and alkalinity in the blood, from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acidic and anything over 7 is alkaline. The blood pH is slightly more alkaline at 7.35. The stomach is very acidic at 3.5, this is so it can break down the food we eat, commonly known as hydrochloric acid. Your urine's pH is 5.5, constantly changing depending on what you eat. These initiatives make up your blood pH.

Our body fluids don't always arrive at a normal pH range, they change according to what we eat, either more acidic or alkaline. Too much acid in the body is called ACIDOSIS and can be a matter of life or death. Too high alkaline pH is just as dangerous. The body is in constant repair, always striving to keep blood pH levels balanced. Buffering agents go to work when the kidneys don't eliminate excess acid. Blood pH imbalances on the whole can make you more susceptible to weight gain, hunger and disease. A supply of vitamins and minerals can reverse imbalances.

pH test strips can be used to keep track of your blood pH level. It measures the amount of acid passing through the urine. This way you can make changes in your diet whenever needed.

Symptoms Of Acidosis And Alkalosis

Lose weight naturally with a balance ph diet!

Which is the ratio for a normal blood ph level, choose wisely?

See results

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Alkaline Smoothie Recipe

Juicing can help raise alkaline levels. This is especially good for those who have poor eating habits and want to balance low acid pH levels. Try putting these goodies or your favorite fruits and vegetables in a juicer for a healthy drink. Green juices are a good source of chlorophyll, it supplies oxygen. To get the full benefit of an alkaline smoothie, try using alkalizing water in the mix to help balance blood pH levels. Below are the ingredients for a recipe that is sure to have healing properties:

  1. Kale
  2. Spinach
  3. Dandelion
  4. Beets
  5. Cucumber
  6. Lemon

Acid Base Balance

Holiday Diet

Stuff the turkey, don't let the turkey stuff you!

You could literally stuff yourself and still lose weight eating a bulk diet of fruits and vegetables.Take your favorite veggies and have a second helping as compared to a slice of pizza, you could never put away that many calories eating your favorite veggie.Certain foods you can eat more of and never gain weight. This kind of ph balance diet is good for people who need to eat 4 to 5 meals a day for medical reasons or the need to feel full. It's not how much you eat but what you eat.

Power of Hydrogen (pH) chart

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This scale is truly HIGH PRECISION. You'll know the weight displayed is accurate within 0.2 lbs. of whatever is being weighed, regardless of how heavy it is. The accuracy will not fluctuate for extremely heavy or feather-light items.

Beating The Battle Of The Bulge

As you get along with your new diet, you will start to crave healthy foods as oppose to fattening unhealthy foods. You hardly ever hear of someone craving celery or cucumbers but more so, a craving for french fries smothered in ketchup. It's a kind of rewiring for certain foods. Good eating habits will surely persevere. For those exercise enthusiast, great! If not, explore other ideas to be active. It's important to find some activity and set aside the time for some type of exercise, even if it's just walking.

Perhaps the incentive to lose weight is to fit into that new dress you bought or whatever the case maybe. Or how badly you want to lose the weight. If it's for health reasons, you should certainly by all means follow through with a pH balance diet. Once you've met your quota, a look that is pleasing to the eye builds self esteem and confidence. Sticking to a diet of fruits and vegetables without fail, will help stabilize body weight and balance pH. When you balance your body fluids, fat cells don't stand a chance!


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