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How To Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally, Effectively, and Safely

Updated on August 2, 2017

How Can I Get Rid of Fleas in my Home and on My Pet Safely?

"How can I get rid of fleas in my house and on my dog or cat without using harmful chemicals?"  This is a great question for any pet owner because fleas coming into your house on your pet can most definitely cause a problem as one live flea can lay up to fifty eggs in one day.

Fleas are small dark insects that run rapidly through the fur of your pet and, unfortunately they can jump, too.   Whether you know it or not, chances are that you have had a live flea in your house if you have a pet that goes outside.

Now I know that might be alarming to hear, but nevertheless, it's the truth. 

Don't despair though because it is possible to get rid of fleas on your pet and in your home safely and effectively without using flea bombs or chemicals on your pet's skin if you follow the three-pronged approach I will outline on this webpage for you.


It's no secret that dogs love to roll around in the grass and that's where fleas live!

Your Current Flea Prevention May be Doing More Harm Than Good

Unfortunately, we found out the hard way...

Like any pet owner, we wanted to take great care of our dog because he is part of our family and we love him so much.

Imagine how we felt when we found out that the popular brand of flea prevention that we were administering to him on his back through his skin was causing him to have seizures!

Out of nowhere, our dog, Tucker (pictured with us to the right) had a seizure under the kitchen table one night about three years ago.It was scary.  We were eating dinner and all of a sudden he started shaking uncontrollably, couldn't stand up because his legs were giving out from under him, and he was crying.

The first seizure lasted for about one minute, but it felt like a year!  We were holding him and trying to calm him down while it was going on.  Of course, we called our vet.The vet said that some dogs are just prone to seizures and there was really no way to tell what the cause of it was without doing tests... tests that most likely would prove inconclusive in the long run as to the cause.


You seriously don't want fleas in your house, on your pet, or your child

Breaking the Cycle of Flea Reproduction

Step 3

Administer the monthly maintenance pill, called "Program."

This pill, taken orally by your pet, will render any flea that jumps on your pet and bites him/her sterile so they can not reproduce and cause a problem.

Make sure you get the right dosage for your pet's weight.

So, What Did the Vet Say???

The vet said just wait and see if it happened again.  Guess what?  It happened again!

About two months later, Tucker had another seizure, and it was worse.   However, this time we made a note of the fact that it happened about a day after we gave applied his flea prevention through the skin on his back and it caused us to be curious about whether or not it was the cause.

Called the vet again.  Asked if  flea prevention could cause seizures.  Vet said the prevention method we were using could have caused a seizure if he was sensitive to it and that we should try another brand.  Hold off giving him anything else.  

So, we waited for the next time we needed to give him his flea prevention - about one month later Gave him his flea prevention.  Had another seizure within two days of administering it.  

In addition to having the seizure, unbelievably, he had a live flea on him!!!  Even though he should have been protected from the last dose of toxic flea prevention (that gave him a convulsion) he had live fleas on his body!  We could not believe it and did not know where to turn or what to do.

At this point we had a BIG problem.  Our dog had fleas, and we didn't have an effective solution because we knew the prevention method we had been using was causing him to have convulsions and, in addition, it wasn't even working to kill fleas on him or keep them out of our house!

It was time to do our own research on the Internet and find out the truth once and for all.

Dogs love the park but they can definitely pick up fleas there!

Dogs love the park but they can definitely pick up fleas there!
Dogs love the park but they can definitely pick up fleas there!

The Truth

about preventing fleas on your pet...

Here's what we found out from doing lots of research on the Internet.

The truth is that there are basically two flea prevention methods prescribed by vets that can, indeed, cause your pet to have convulsions because they are basically pesticides.  Now, I ask you, would you spray Raid on your pet's back? I assume that you answered this question with an emphatic "NO!"

These two popular flea prevention methods are TOXIC chemicals that you're putting on your pet's skin and fur.  So that means that if you pet your dog or cat and then touch your mouth or food without washing your hands, you are now consuming the pesticides too.  This is not a good situation for your family or your pet!

In addition to all the toxicity of these prevention methods, they are ultimately INEFFECTIVE as well.  Short of coming out and asking my vet why they prescribe these brands because they don't work, I have yet to find out what the purpose of using them could be.

There is, however, a healthy solution to preventing and eliminating flea infestation on your pet and in your home ("How Can I Get Rid of Fleas Forever" below).

Capstar Flea Medication

How Can I Eliminate Fleas Forever and Make My Dog Smile?

The 3 Step Program

The only way to get rid of fleas safely and effectively is to kill the fleas that are currently on your pet, vacuum them up, and make any flea that bites your pet sterile so that it can not reproduce.

Although this may seem like a lot of information to take in, the steps are simple.

Step 1:

Vacuum your rugs and carpets with a regular vacuum. Then rent a rug shampooer from a local supermarket for approximately $30 and go over all rugs thoroughly to suck and fleas and larvae that are currently alive and reproducing with a professional grade rug shampooer.

Step 2:

Administer "Capstar" pill to your pet orally. This pill will kill any fleas on your dog or cat within an hour or so. Fleas will fall off dead. When the fleas are dying, they try to dig deeper into your pet which may cause your pet to scratch and itch and "act crazy" during the process, but don't worry it won't last long.

Step 3:

Administer "Program" monthly maintenance pill the day after Capstar to ensure that any flea that bites your pet will be sterile until the next dose. Therefore, if you vacuum every day until the next dose, there will be no fleas reproducing in your home. "Program" is SAFE and EFFECTIVE in the elimination of fleas.

Eliminate Fleas & Their Larvae

Step 1

The first step of the three-pronged approach is to eliminate as many eggs, fleas and larvae in your house as possible.

Vacuum all rugs and floors and baseboards thoroughly with a regular vacuum. Then rent a Rug Doctor Shampooer for $30 at any local supermarket, Home Depot, or Lowe's home center.

This is a professional grade rug shampooer that will enable you to most effectively kill and suck out fleas and their larvae that are currently in your rugs and carpets.

Unbelievably so, 95% of flea infestation is in the eggs and larvae in your carpet.  Only 5% of your flea problem are the ones you actually see on your pet.  You can not get all of the fleas by vacuuming one time, but you need to start by getting up the current fleas that are continually reproducing on your pet and in your house.

Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day so using a deep cleaning vacuum is just the first step. After shampooing the rugs the first time, use a regular vacuum every day to go over your rugs until the problem is gone.

Eliminating the Fleas Currently on Your Pet

Step 2

After you shampoo the rugs, you need to kill the fleas currently on your pet. The best solution for this is a drug called Nitenpyram which is sold under the brand name, "Capstar", and is given to your pet orally.

This pill is completely safe and will start to work almost immediately, killing every flea that is currently on your pet with an hour or two. The fleas fall off, dead.

If your pet is heavily infested, he or she may appear to be going a little crazy as the pill starts to work because the fleas will try to dig in deeper onto your pet's skin, which will cause them to itch and scratch at the fleas that are dying. This stage will not last long so don't be scared.

Capstar is PROVEN EXTREMELY SAFE (it can actually be given to your pet every day if needed until the flea problem is gone.

Make sure you have a supply readily available.

Yay, we are flea free thanks to CAPSTAR and PROGRAM!

Yay, we are flea free thanks to CAPSTAR and PROGRAM!
Yay, we are flea free thanks to CAPSTAR and PROGRAM!

Fleas are EVERYWHERE, and chances are they have been in your house!

Have you ever seen a flea on your pet?

See results

You don't want fleas in your carpet

White Vinegar, 128-Ounce (Pack of 6)
White Vinegar, 128-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Another way to safely get rid of fleas is by soaking your pet's bedding in vinegar


Distilled Vinegar is Another Safe Effective Way to Get Rid of Fleas

You can start by shampooing your dog in a product that kills fleas. I usually use regular mild shampoo like Suave because I don't like to use chemicals of any kind on my dog, but using DAWN dishsoap is also very effective in getting rid of fleas.

Once the pet has been rinsed and washed off with the soap or shampoo, you can then add a quart of distilled white vinegar to the water and pour it over the animal.

Keep the soap and vinegar solution on your pet for at least 10 minutes to ensure killing the fleas on their coat. After rinsing, your pet will have a beautiful shiny coat that's completely devoid of fleas.

Thoroughly vacuum your home.

Soak your pet's bedding in the vinegar solution and then wash and dry to ensure killing any fleas or eggs that have landed in their bedding.

Please leave your comments here... - Thanks!

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