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How to get rid of Warts Easily?

Updated on January 4, 2014
warts on face
warts on face

What are warts and why they appear on skin?

Warts are ugly black or brown welts that occur on different parts of the body such as face, forehead, underarms, and neck. As we age we begin to have more skin problems and warts are one of them. Skin warts are caused by several reasons such as aging and an illness called Human Papillomavirus, shortly known as HPV. In some individuals these warts are formed due to their genetic code, in other words, the problem is more like an inherited illness which may appear at some point of the age. If your father had had small brown warts on his neck, it is likely that you may get the same infection as you reach to a certain age and the illness may pass genetically from you to your children and so on.

Warts are painless bumps

Warts are painless overgrowth of skin cells caused by a virus; they generally have a different color than your skin tone, making them more visible and odd. There are different varieties of warts and each variety shaped differently on the skin. Though warts are painless when touched or pressed but they may cause irritation when appear on sensitive body parts such as feet, hands, and back. They may also cause itching or inflammation sometimes depending on the virus provoked their formation. If you are already suffering from acne or pimples, chances are itching may accompany the over-growth of bumps that may lead to further skin inflammation.

Warts are contagious

A lot of people think that warts are not contagious if they are touched or treated, contrary to what they think, this illness can spread quickly from one person to another if proper precautionary measures are not taken on time. So refrain from touching warts and if you do, make sure to wash your hands with a hand wash that contained antiseptic. Keep in mind that warts may spread all over the body so if you have a sensitive skin and you have mistakenly touched a person having warts you should wash your body properly.

contagious warts spreading from one finger to another
contagious warts spreading from one finger to another

How to get rid of warts quickly and easily?

The high percentage of suffers has made many so-called cures to touch the shelves of pharmacies but only some good products are helping in curing the illness. There are several authentic ways of getting rid of warts quickly and easily and some of these are as follows:

  1. Incising the warts

  2. Burning the warts

  3. Dialoging the warts through duct tape method

1: Incising the warts

This procedure may prove to be very painful if you have warts on your face or genital area. In this treatment, a medicine is first applied on each wart with a cotton bud and then it is incised with a sharp tool. Numbing cream may or may not be used prior to cutting the bumps so you have got to have a big heart to undergo the treatment.

Incision of warts
Incision of warts

2:Burning the skin warts

This is another common way of treating the warts on the skin and it is also painful to some extent. An acid is applied on the warts for few seconds to burn them. The warts come off of the skin when they completely dissolve with the acid. The common acid used in the procedure is called salicylic acid, it’s the same acid used in many acne products.

Burning the wart with salicylic acid
Burning the wart with salicylic acid

3:Duct tape methods to remove the warts

It is considered as the easiest way to remove nasty warts from the skin because it can be done at home with a duct tape. The duct tape method works very well if done properly. What you need to do is to cut the piece of the duct tape according to the size of the wart. Now apply it on the wart and let it stay there for three to four days. After four days, pull off the duct tape with a slight pressure, you will find that small portion of the wart has been connected to the tape. You need to do this procedure two or three times until wart completely disappears from the skin. Duct tape method is also helpful in preventing the wart infection from spreading on the body, so if you have got wart anywhere else, you need to file it down immediately before it spreads to other body parts.

duct tape bandage on wart
duct tape bandage on wart


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