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How to Kill Your Fear in Five Steps?

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


Like faith, fear is also one emotion. It cannot be touched or described into specific form but yes we can feel it inside our heart and mind. During the time of fear, it is quite normal for our heart to beat fast. I am sure we all have some kind of fear and my fear can be different from your kind of fear.

For example, I have a fear of height. I also avoid looking down from a big building and that’s why I love to stay on the ground floor. But on the other hand, I don’t have any fear of dogs and whenever I see any german shepherd bread of dogs, I wanted to play with them.

Recently, I have managed to find two german shepherds near my locality and now they are friendly with me. I hope someday I will have at least two german shepherds in my home. In this article, we will understand some useful steps through which we can overcome any kind of fears. So, let’s begin.

Fear is an emotion
Fear is an emotion

Calm Down And Do Positive Self Talk

As per my experience whenever you feel fear, the first thing you need to do is relax and try to calm down. As we all know during fear either we become numb or we become very hyperactive. The emotion of fear is like a shock to many of us, especially if you are facing such a situation for the first time.

One of the most common fears many people have is related to the stage performance. Even I remember when I was in class seven, I had to speak in front of the assembly and my legs were trembling like hell. Such a thing happened to me for the first time in my life. Somehow, I managed to speak and gave my performance.

So if you will face such a situation in life then remember to relax and calm down. And you might have to do self-talk. Maybe a few times you have to repeat sentences like “yes, I can do it”, “yes, I am the best” or “I am awesome”.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

Have you ever taken part in any kind of stage performance? If you have then you might remember how much rehearsals you might have done. It is said - if you can practice and prepare well then you can perform better. By practising many times you will understand the situation and mould yourself as per the requirement.

Someone also said ‘practice makes a man perfect’. So, prepare well and practice as many times till you can feel your part well. Also, after many rehearsals, things will come out naturally. And you will have the least chances of getting fear. We feel fear not because we know nothing but we feel fear because we haven’t prepared well.

Kill Fear With Your Massive Action

Till now we have understood two points i.e about self-talk and practice, therefore now it’s time to take massive real-time actions. If you want to kill any type of fear be it fear of public speaking, fear of swimming, stage fears anything then you must do that thing in real. This is the sure way to conquer any type of fear.

For example, I love biking and I use to drive very carefully and slowly. During long-distance travel, I realized that this kind of speed wouldn’t help. I cannot cover 100 km in 2 hours by driving at a speed of 40 km/per hour. But since I didn’t have a habit of driving fast, I was scared in the beginning to drive at 70km/per hour. Then I tried and I overcame the fear by continuously driving my bike for one hour at the speed of 74km/per hour. I hope this point makes it clear the importance of killing fear with massive action.

Observe Your Role Models And Take Inspirations

Another good step which you can take is to start observing your role models. Take some clues and inspirations from them as to how they talk, how they think and how they express themselves.

If you are working for some MNC you can find your role models easily. See how your leaders in your team or company handle tuff situations. If you look around there are so many things to observe and learn. Become a good observer and you will learn many things. In the marketing and advertising field, we call such things as insights.

For example, during one book design for DLF (New Delhi based real estate client), our immediate contact within client-side observed that since new building consists of seven floors we should show seven-floors in the logo design.

When we went to meet higher authorities in DLF, first thing after looking at our book design senior-most member asked how many floors we have in this new building. Few said - sir, it consists of seven floors and he checked logo design and said yes it is showing seven floors and that got approved in one go. Thanks for the brilliant observations of our immediate contact within client-side.

Stay cheerful and full of energy to overcome fear
Stay cheerful and full of energy to overcome fear

Stay Cheerful, Read Books And Listen To Positive Audios

The last thing which I can share is related to the habit of staying optimistic about life. Always try to stay cheerful and full of energy. This method will certainly guide and help you in the right direction. Always read more books related to self-improvement, motivation and even watch or listen to positive videos or audios.

Use the internet to grow yourself and your knowledge. You will have more things to talk without any fear if you will have more knowledge to share. I have found that even if people don’t know how to talk well but if they have more knowledge words do come out easily.


Remember fear is an emotion like any other emotions. And you can truly control such emotions by practising and taking massive action. Whenever you are overwhelmed by fear, first always try to calm down and start positive self-talk. Self-talk has tremendous power to change or divert your mind and thinking process. Practice these five steps and I am sure you can overcome your fear.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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