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How to Live a Meaningful Life Day by Day?

Updated on April 12, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a health, fitness enthusiast and online motivational speaker. He retired after winning 100, 200 & 400 meters race in 2005.


Every human being wants to stay happy and live a meaningful life. Life is a continuous journey and we learn more about life as we progress. There are some important points which we need to take care of to live a meaningful life.

In simple words, living a meaningful life means you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings. It means you are a positive looking individual and your spirits are high.

It means you smile often despite setbacks and give back to society with open arms.

It means you have found the key to happiness and growth in life.

So, let's see how we can achieve a meaningful life.


Find out your passion

The first step is to find out your passion and area of interest. And to do so there is a simple and easy process which we can follow. This process will make it easy for anyone. All we need to do is to have some close observations.

See, we divert most of our energy towards our area of interest. So, in this way, we can easily find our passion. So, if you talk and play a lot of football then your passion is football.

If you like reading, speaking, writing and sharing high-quality contents and articles then your passion is in academics. You can become a good writer, an anchor or a teacher.

And when you will find your passion, give it all. Learn as much as possible about your passion. Look out for others in the same field for motivation, support and growth.

So, finding your passion and area of interest is the first step towards living a meaningful life. Finding your passion is like finding your life’s goal.

Power of daily routine

Now, the second most important aspect is your daily routine. What you think and do all day long will decide your future and life.

There is tremendous power in your daily routine. If you follow some routine that will become your habit. Then this habit will become your second nature and that can make or break your life.

You see one cannot change his life if he doesn’t change his daily routine. The secret of success in life all depends upon the daily routine and work.

To make a permanent habit it is advised to do a particular task for 60 days. Once you do, that habit will stay with you forever.

Some of the daily routines which one can follow are - cleaning, exercising, daily reading, working on projects and helping family members etc. These types of daily routine will give better results.

Cut out the distractions

Since we have found out our passion and we know what to do on a daily basis. It’s important that we dedicate and spend a good amount of time on improving our skills.

To achieve mastery in any field one needs full dedication and concentration. And one cannot concentrate if he doesn't cut out his distractions on a daily basis.

As we know exploring and improving any new passion requires time and effort. But on the other hand, if our passion is real and interest is genuine, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to cut out the distractions. And then we can concentrate on our goals.

Some of the modern distractions which one can have are - excess use of television, random internet suffering, playing video games or useless talking over the phone. So, take control of these habits.

Be grateful and cheerful about life

It is often said grateful people are happy people.

So how do grateful people actually feel and why this is so important?

In simple words, when people feel grateful they notice that something good has happened in their life. They start appreciating good things and it gives them positive vibes. Such people radiate lots of positive energy. They just light up the scene and moods around them.

By the way, you don’t need a big occasion to become grateful. A simple morning walk and a happy puppy can make you feel this emotion.

The more you can feel this emotion the higher will be your energy all the time. Then just go out and help as many people as you can. And by the way, you can start from your own home.


In the end, I would like to say living a meaningful life is not difficult. All it takes is an effort and the right direction.

Also, I would like to say when you find your passion make sure that passion is good enough to pay you back the money. Because we are not monks living inside the cave. We are normal social creatures and we cannot live without money.

Remember money is not bad. Money is energy, money is power and money is one important source of happiness. So, make sure it circulates in your life in abundance.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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