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Updated on October 26, 2011



              WAYS TO LIVE LONG  

First on the agenda will be our eating habit, what do we eat? Mouth open, we are chewing and eating junk all in the name of food. Is that the best option? Well, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but what if such decisions would endanger his or her life? Who will be held responsible for such actions? Is it worth it after all? NO!

What we eat defines the person we are and also it shows on our body. Ok, or is it the best of options to skip food because one does not feel the hunger to eat? Skipping food and eating whatever is available, which is the best option? Well, different opinions vary as a choice of food varies. Many will contest that it is better to eat whatever you like than skipping food. While others will condemn the act of eating whatever is available saying it will be better to skip food that condition their body that way. Others still will better remain silent and carry on their eating lifestyle after all it is nobody's business. Is that the right choice? Absolutely, NOT!

The fact remains that what we eat defines us. 5th Century Greek Physician Hippocrates states "May your food be your medicine and your medicine your food." Food is necessary for the body mechanism to function properly. Food is needed for the growth of hormones, body growth, and the production of energy. The body needs much of Amino Acids which can be derived from animal or vegetables for the proper function of the body system. Essential fatty acids which are polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) found in vegetable oils and oily dried foods cannot be substituted for anything. Also, vitamins and minerals, alongside fibre and water are all essential nutrients found in food. Without these, the body cannot function properly.

Therefore, there is need for proper selection and choice of food to be made by any who wants to live long. The kind of food we eat, time and manner we eat them goes a long way in affecting our body metabolism. Eating adequately and healthfully, involves many things. These rules must be religiously followed with all strictness to get the best results.

Water: this is basically the most acknowledged universal solvent of living matter. Almost, all the essential organs in our body need water to keep functioning. Our Kidney needs water to filter the blood and remove irrelevant substances in our body. The digestive system and the bones need water to scale through successfully in their different roles.

All these suggest the important role water play in our lives. Without water, the body organs will not function properly the way they are meant to be. Water is essential to life and cannot be overlooked. We need water in our daily life both internally and externally. Take note that drinking at least six glasses of water between meals, two glasses before breakfast ensures that the stomach is cleansed from all accumulated mucus during the night. Water is needed before morning, afternoon and evening meals respectively. The constant use of water prolongs life; prevent diseases and contributes to easy and quick healing of diseases. Water is essential to life.

Next we will discuss on physical exercise

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