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How to Make a Vision Board Memory Game

Updated on September 5, 2014
Memory Game Style Vision Board
Memory Game Style Vision Board

A Memory Game Vision Board to Play on the Computer

Many have heard of creating vision boards, which is a collage of words and images of what you want in your life and what you want your life to look like in order to "attract" them into your life or simply to be a visual reminder of your goals. But how about making a fun game out of the images instead?

Here I will explain one way to make a vision board that is also a Memory Game that you can play on your computer that incorporates images you may have normally used (or already have used if you've made a vision board using digital pictures in the past).

If you would like to create a memory game that isn't played on the computer and is played with actual cards instructions can be found online for making your own. Here's just one example of how to make your own memory game cards that can be adapted for use to make a vision board memory game.

Things you'll need:

* Software that will let you create your own custom Memory Games

* Digital images of what you want to attract in your life

Books About Vision Boards

If you are interested in learning more about vision boards check out some of the books on Amazon, such as this one by Joyce Schwarz.

Step One

Download a memory game such as the freeware Custom Concentration by Bot Productions. Although there are some other memory games software that you can customize, these instructions are specifically for the Custom Concentration software.

(Note: I have found out that there are some memory game Android apps that you can customize with pictures from your phone's or tablet's gallery too, but haven't tried any of them yet.)

Step Two

Gather the images you want that represent the kind of life you want...the kinds of things you want to "attract" to you. Some choices could be images that represent prosperity, peace, love, good health, etc. Or they could be literal, pictures of your dream house or a car you want. Save the images to a folder on your computer's hard drive.

You may have photographs that you have taken yourself that you can use. Or you can use resources from online. Ideally you should not just "take" any image you find from the Internet as most images are copyrighted by the person who created it. (There is a misconception that all images online are free to use however you wish.) If you can, try to use resources where people have generously given permission to use their pictures.

Some resources I like are:

Step 3

Open Custom Concentration and click on "Edit." Then click on "New." Give your game a title, and fill in the rest of the form if you desire.

Step 4

In the "Tile Appearance" section choose the colors or even your own custom image for the back side of the cards.

Step 5

Where it says "Number of Items" click on where it says "Add Item(s)..." and choose the folder where you saved your images. You can left click with the mouse on the first item and hold down the shift key and then click on the last item, and that should select them all. Or if you want to select specific images in the folder hold down the "Ctrl" button and left click with the mouse on the files you want.

Then click on the "open" button.

Step 6

Next, where it says "Default game dimensions: __ x __" enter in the number of items or cards there will be. (If you choose dimension numbers that won't work for the amount of items you have you will get an error message when you try to play it. So just go back and choose different dimension or add more images/items.)

Step 7

Choose what size you want the cards to be where it says "Items Dimensions."

Step 8

Click on "Play" to test your game. If it is set up to your liking then click on "Save" or "Save As" and save your game. If you would like to make some changes click on "Edit" again and make your changes. Then test again and save when you have it just right.

Now play your game and have fun as you "find" the things you wish to attract in your life and discover for yourself the secret of the Law of Attraction.

Vision Board Memory Game Tips

Consider making more than one game. You could create one to represent your ideal relationship, one about your dream career and another about your dream home.

Play your law of attraction game(s) frequently to impress on your mind what you want to be attracting into your life.

Online Resources for How to Make a Vision Board

Here are some other vision board resources online.


Photo's used in the vision board memory game I made for this article courtesy of:

Image: Phiseksit /

Image: Idea go /

Image: Simon Howden /

Image: photostock /

Image: Ambro /

Image: SailorJohn / stock.xchng

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      Joan4 6 years ago

      what a fun idea!! and I think I can do it, too! I will certainly try!