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How to Prevent Snoring by Changing Your Life Style

Updated on August 30, 2013
STOP the snoring!
STOP the snoring!

Snoring is quite a common problem that faced by the world population and it is not restricted to any particular race or gender even though men are more prone to snoring compares to women.

Snoring might not be major health problem but what makes it worse is that is not the snorer that is actually suffer, instead is the sleeping partners. Statistics shows that a sleeping partner loses sleep around 35% to 65% due to the awakened by the grumbling and irritating sound that produces by the snorer.

There are actually two types of snoring, social and medical snoring. Social snoring is actually not a problem at all as it is caused mostly by the snorer's lifestyle. However, medical snoring is something that you need to pay EXTRA attention. This type of snoring is something that has to do with your health condition and about 20% of snorers falls under this group.

Studies have shown that medical snoring can directly related to chronic diseases and disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attack, depression and etc. If you do not have a good medical background and you snore consistently particular in the recent time, it's time for you to pay a visit to your doctor and do a complete medical checkup.

Can't fall asleep due to snoring partner
Can't fall asleep due to snoring partner
Lose some weights
Lose some weights

If you are suffering from social or better known as normal snoring (not due to serious health problem), then it would be easier to manage. Here's are seven simple things that you can do regarding to your lifestyle to minimize or prevent snoring immediately:

  1. Limit or avoid alcoholic drinks entirely, particular during the night before your bed time. Alcohol has been known to relax the airway and muscles in your throat (the sedative effect), and which causing you to snore. If you have consumed alcohol in the past particular two or three hours before sleep, did you notice that you are more prone to snoring. So avoid this if you want to prevent snoring from starting.
  2. Lose some weight if you have obesity problem. Excess weight not only could contribute to a host of major health problems, but it also narrow the airway passage as well. When this happens, the chances of those tissues rub together will increase and thus, making you snore. Have you noticed that most TV programs always show fat man snore while sleeping? There's a reason why they don't put a thin man there.
  3. Quit smoking entirely. If you are a smoker, it's time to quit the habit now. Smoking is the cause of major respiratory problems but that's not all. It also lead to nasal and lung congestion, which resulting in snoring. Smoking also has been known to be the cause of inflammation and swelling that develops in the throat tissue.
  4. Don't sleep flat on your back. People who sleep on the back are more prone to snoring as in such position, the flesh and muscles in the throat will tend to relax and block the airway. Try sleeping on the side instead, this could be hard but just do it anyway and within a week or two you will be sleeping in such position without you noticing.
  5. Stay away from second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is suggested to be even more harmful than smoking itself. It chokes up your respiratory system and making your throat muscles to swell. If you partner is a smoker, help him to quit to the good sake of both or you. Also avoid smoky pubs and restaurants.
  6. Avoid drinking milk at night prior to sleep. Milk or any dairy products can cause your body to produce extra mucus that block your air passage during the night. So avoid milk and substitute it with a herbal drink instead.
  7. Improve your overall fitness level. People who are fit and exercise regularly do not tend to snore. Excising tones and strengthens your muscles all over the body and thus decreasing the chances of snoring. Not only that, doing exercise can also regulate your sleeping patterns and thus making you sleep better in the night (it cures insomnia as well). Aim to have at least three cardiovascular training session and two strength training sessions each week.

In most cases, there are normally more than one single factor that cause snoring. It's a combination of few things that work together. For example, wrong sleeping pattern, smoking and drinking alcohol prior to sleeping. This definitely will case a person to snore even badly. If after following those snoring prevention methods above and you still snore, perhaps you can try out more aggressive methods such as learning the stop snoring exercise - a method that you can do to strengthen your throat muscle by just doing simple mouth exercise or using snore spray and anti snore devices.


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  • profile image

    Chris 6 years ago

    Thanks for a wonderful hub. I find it very helpful. I'll hope to see improvements with my sleep.

  • profile image

    ankigarg87 7 years ago

    very nice hub ! i will try it on my friend