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How to Relieve Stress in Your Life

Updated on October 7, 2017

Stress Relief

There are a lot of ways to relieve stress. You just have to find one or more somethings that will work for you and Do it!

Stress will affect your body and mind in ways you don't imagine. It will ware you down fast if you don't correct it. Believe it or not Stress can end up killing you if you let it get that far. So please don't let stress take over your mind and body. So here are a few easy ideas that can help you. All you have to do is try one of them.

Your mind can be your worst Enemy!

You have to be in CONTROL of the situation

Stress won't go away by itself. You have to be the one to take the initiative to get it under control. Running to the doctor and filling yourself up with Ton's of medication isn't always the answer. You can take steps to treat it. No matter how busy your schedule is you have to take a little time for your self. That is something most of us " Do not do". Am I right?

It really is the most easiest treatment for stress. It starts with your Mind. Don't let your mind be your worst Enemy. It will detect that you are fearing something and your body will go into "Stress Response" to fight it off. Now your Mind and Body are in Battle Zone. More than likely your mind will take over and WIN! Unless you take those few minutes to stop and relax. Clear your mind, take a break, and LIVE.

So, what causes Stress?

The list of Stress causing symptoms is Long. I'm going to give you a few for starters. You might only have one symptom but if you harp on just that one, it also can build up and send you on your way.

* Worry......Constantly worrying about anything and everything

* Work.......Working too many hours or not enough hours

* People.....Yes, people and their situations

* Relationships.....

* Finances.... I think this is the MAIN one, at least for most of us

* Having Acne ...

Symptoms and Warning signs of stress

* Feeling overwhelmed * Loss of sex drive * Frequent colds * Eating more or less

* Seeing only the negative * Sleeping to much or to little * Memory problems

* Inability to concentrate * Isolating yourself from other people * Irritability

* Moodines * Sense of loneliness * Fatigue

Ways to Supercharge your Mind and Body

This is what I call Clean out your closet ( Mind) Getting rid of unnecessary things on your mind

It doesn't take a lot to Super charge your mind and body. Clean out your closet...Clear your mind! This means get rid of OLD JUNK.

Like : worrying about everything, what are people saying about me, I don't have enough money to be happy, etc.

Replenish those thoughts with Fresh and New ones.

Such as :

* Laughter

* Relaxation

* Play

* Pets

* Spending time with loved ones and friends

* Walk in the park

* Enjoying Nature

* Light a candle or two

* Hot baths

* Home Aromatherapy

* Read

* Nice cup of Hot Tea

* Close your eyes and think of NOTHING for 5 minutes

Relax with a cup of tea

The Varieties are endless

A good Hot cup of Tea while relaxing is a must. Any kind is good which ever one is your favorite. The presentation of it makes it all the more better. Let me explain...... Look at the Teapot picture to your right.

Seeing that automatically makes you want to Brew you one too. Why?

Because seeing this cute little Tea pot looks appealing Relaxing by itself. Believe me, it is!

If you make a cup of tea in an ordinary old coffee mug, yea it is enjoyable too. just makes it more enjoyable by the presentation of it ( the way it looks).

So, now we have Tea and Tea accessories which equals = "TRANQUILITY".

Have a Glass of Wine to unwind and relax

Red Wines are good and are good for the blood

Having a glass of Red Wine ( drink moderately, not the whole bottle ) is a nice touch to relaxing. A 4.oz glass a day is pretty moderate.

I like the Red's the best. Because they lower the risk of heart disease and are rich in antioxidants.

If you are a woman a red wine would also be great if your iron level is low.

Light some Candles

Lighting a candle is a reminder that this time is different from the rest of your day.

It's time to wind down and take in the fresh scent and warm glow. You can light a few while taking a warm bath or just go into a quiet room with your favorite glass of wine and soft music in the back ground. Reclined in your favorite chair. Keeping your mind clear of everything and focus on yourself.

Bring out your Natural Body Scent using Pure Instinct Oil

Smelling good gives you more confidence, which is less stress

When we look good we feel good. When we Smell good and can get a whiff of that fresh clean scent, it makes us feel fresh and confident.

Have you heard of "Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil"? Well, let me tell you this is a wonderful oil cologne that brings out Your natural body scent.

No one smells the same with it on. You can use it alone or under your favorite perfume/cologne.

It's also supposed to attract the opposite sex since it is specially formulated with pheromones. It is a Unisex oil for both Male or female.

You can also add a few drops in your bathwater if you like.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is used to relax, soothe, restore and balance the body and mind. It's also good for Stress, headaches and more.

When at work you can dab a little of the oil into a handkerchief and inhale it or put a few dabs on the temples of your forehead to relieve tension headaches.

You can also put some drops in a diffuser to let the wonderful scent linger in the air around you. Take a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender oil added.

Money the number one Stress-er

As the saying goes " Money is the root of all evil"

Money is the main stress causing factor in our lives. We never have enough of it. If we could just at least have enough for our daily life routine. Just to survive comfortably!!! Being able to pay those bills on time, buy groceries that we want to buy, not because we have a tight budget and can't afford a steak. It's all because there never is enough money from the paycheck. Not to mention bill collectors calling and harassing you.

By now your probably thinking to your self, " Lighting a candle isn't going to take that stress away. Only a Million Bucks could do that!

Unless your going to hit the Lotto you are going to have to fix that your self.

So how do you do it?

You can start by cutting back on some things. If you eat out for every meal at Restaurants then cut back to once a week. This will save you a TON by just doing that. You can probably pay a Water bill or light bill with the money you spent eating out in one weeks time.

Instead of buying a cup of coffee at a drive through window, Brew you a Pot while getting dressed for work and take a cup with you.

Just by eating at home or making your coffee at home can save you a bundle.

Ttake that money you would have spent and put it up or pay a bill.

Clear your Clutter

If your house is cluttered so is your mind. No offense. Take a look around your house if you have clothes piled on the couch or shoes in the middle of the living room, dishes piled in the kitchen sink, towels laying on the bathroom flour. Then this is clutter. If everything is scattered and cluttered around your house this can put you in Stress mode!

Take the time to get it all organized. You might want to get your family involved too. Once you have put everything up you will feel much better and relaxed. Then of course the best way you will be stress free if you can make some money with all the clutter you can sell.

Do you know the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure"!

© 2010 Ramona

What do you do to relieve Stress?

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    • profile image

      CureCandidaNaturally 5 years ago

      Definitely having a hot cup of tea and a biscuit or failing that watch a movie with some comfort food. Not good for my waistline but good for my mind! Good lense...

    • Chris-H LM profile image

      Chris-H LM 6 years ago

      Thanks for these tips. My stress-o-meter is all over the board sometimes. Other times I just let it all go. Ahhhhhhhhh... much better! :)

    • whoisbid lm profile image

      whoisbid lm 6 years ago

      I work damn hard and work does not make me stressed. I saw the list of the things. I think some people get stressed by work but I love work.. probably too much! .. What stresses me is people backstabbing me, stealing from me, telling lies and pretending all the time they are a good friend.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Great lens. I particularly like your comments that a cluttered house indicates a cluttered mind. I think you could well be right and I should get on to this right away. Thanks for the tip.

    • ramonabeckbritman profile image

      Ramona 6 years ago from Arkansas

      @mich1908: Thank you Mich1908, your very kind.

    • mich1908 profile image

      mich1908 6 years ago

      Great lense with lots of tips. Thanks.