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How to remove pimples and treat acne?

Updated on October 18, 2011

Getting rid of pimples overnight is a little hard but we can prevent them by adapting simple measures, keep them under control and minimize chance of having acne scars.All options should be kept in mind for the removal of pimples from our face,neck,back being usual sites for pimples to appear and from other body parts.More attention should be paid towards the prevention side.A logical approach to handle pimples and acne is to know first about their cause.And later on the treatment and removal options shouldbe considered and a step taken towards the right choice of method of removal as discussed here in.

Other names for Pimples

The medical term for pimples is Acne vulgaris.Most fo the time pimples are simply called acne but word acne may also relate to Acne rosacea that is another type of acne,it may resemble the first one but trually not pimples.It shouldbe differentiated from acne vulgaris as the Dermatologists do and is treated on different lines.

So the term mostly referred to acne is usually pimples.Other names go like Blemish,Zits,Whiteheads,Blackheads,papules and Pustules.Blemish and zits are a bit slang words while all other names are the forms of mild to moderate acne.These names relate to the appearance of pimples.Several types of pimples(or acne) appear as acne cysts and acne nodules where the pimple are either cyst like or hard nodules.Pimple nodules are firm swellings beneath the skin and pimple cysts are large fluid filled swellings.Both are more treatment concerned.

Types of pimples

Ordinary types of pimples are well known to all of us.As we call them by their names blackheads(or comedones),whiteheads(or milia),pustles,nodular pimples,cystic pimples.Besides these ordinary types of acne,there are other well recognized types too.

Juvenile acne also called as neonatorum acne is a type of acne with undetected cause.It mostly affects in young age especially in the children during their first two years of life.

Acne excorie as the name pertains usually occurs by excoriation or squeezing & scratching the affected area.It usually occurs in anxious people who scratches pimples to remove them.

Acne conglobata causes burrows in the skin and leaves scar marks.Men are often affected with it.

Acne venerata is a result of exposure to certain chemicals e.g mineral oil.Often acquired from the work place.

Causes of pimples

Why pimples appear is a good question to ask for understanding pimples in a better way.Almost 90% people are affected in their adolescence age.Primarily,it's a disorder of sebaceous glands that are present in the skin.They produce sebum or oily secretions.The sebum produced lubricates our skin,keeps it supple and prevents from being cracked or dried out.It also protects the skin from invasion of bacteria and fungi.Oversecretion of sebum causes greasy skin and may lead to acne or seborrhic dermatitis.

In the puberty years sebaceous glands become active under the influence of androgen hormones.Pimples or acne pursue when there is increased sebum secretion.This is the basic reason of pimples appearnce in our young age.

Acne spots are caused by the obstruction of hair follicles by sebum leading to inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the skin.

Another cause is abnormal keratinization of pilo-sebaceous hair follicles.Bacteria play an important role in it,they produce lipases splitting fats into free fatty acids and triglycerides.Free fatty acids induce inflammatory changes in hair follicles and produce blackheads.


have a definite role in the development of acne.

Somen women show premenstrual exacerbation of acne,although its not strictly a cause of acne.

How to prevent pimples and other measures to take

In the absence of miraculos cure for ance,it sholdbe kept under control to minimize the risk of development of acne and acne scars.We should consider more about the preventive measures rather just fast removal of pimples for the long term loss of pimples.

Keep the skin clean and clear of dust by taking regular showers.Because this helps in removing one of the causes i.e bacteria multipication in the skin pores.

Exposure to certain factors in the work place may cause or aggravate pre existing pimples.Identify the cause and make a least contact with such factors eg DDT.

Don't use greasy cosmetics on pimpled face.Its just like a futile attempt to extinguish fire with fire because you are adding up more oil to already oiled skin.It may worsen already existing pimples.

Say a big NO to chocolates and nuts.They cannt be a direct cause of pimples but mostly exacerbate pimples already present on the face,neck,back or shoulders.

Avoid using acnegenic drugs and chemicals eg mineral oils,DDT.Use of drugs that may worsen pre existing acne are bromides,iodides,steroids,phenobarbitone,trimethadone and INAH.

Never squeeze pimples,it just causes scarring,disfiguration and ensures their recurrence.

Environmental factors may play a part in the development of acne.Humidity and high temperature induce severe relapses of acne.Coverage of affected area with clothes eg if pimples are on shoulders or legs,make sure they are covered in hot summar when you go out.

Usage of appropriate beauty cosmetics is highly recommended.Better use,what your skin accepts.Our skin cannt withstand excessive use of cosmetics and random changes of brands.





Relationship of food with pimples

Diet does not show a significant role in pimples.Simply,whatever kinds of foods you eat are not the cause of pimples.But there are certain foods that may aggravate or exacerbate pre existing acne.What not to eat----Chocloates,nuts and spicy food.

What to eat----

Again,foods that are mentioned here have an overall good effect on our body and skin.Fresh fruits and vegetables,fruit juices and plenty of water a day(not less than 2.5 litres).A balanced diet is all we need for our good health.No single food canbe preferred to the other.

Options for the removal of pimples(acne)

Skin specialists often tell about the lack of any particular miraculos cure for acne,slow response to drug therapy and therefore make an attempt to keep it under control and reduce the risk of scarring.Antibiotics and antiandrogen drugs are commonly used to treat acne.Oral drugs are used when topical treatment fails.Its also used in combination with oral drugs.Topicla treatment i.e use of benzyl peroxides or retinoic acid creams unblock the pores and promote healings.Consult a health provider for choosing the right drugs for you.A few of them are as;

Oral drugs

Tetracyclines remain the mainstay of treatment.Dose varies with severity e.g oxytetracyline usually an initial dose of Ig per day is reduced to maintenance level of 250mg daily or on alternate days for some weeks to six months.

Erythromycin and cotrimoxazole canbe used on similar lines.

Use of Antiandrogens form a logical approach to the problem.

Retinoids eg Isotretinoin is useful in severs and intractable acne,its used for four to five months.Side effects are watched along the therapy course.

Topical treatment

Salicylicacid,sulphur or benzoylperoxide in lotion,cream or paste form are used to induce exfoliation.

Retinoic acid lotion or cream may irritate in hot climate.Now, newer receptor.specific drugs are available in the market which are more great than retinoic creams.

20% azelaic acid cream is useful in mild to moderate pimples and canbe used alone or in combination with oral drugs.

Physical measures to control pimples,acne spots & scars

Blackheads canbe extracted with the help of a tool i.e blackhead extractor(comedo expressor).With the advent of modern therapy this technique seems to be unnecessary.

Ultravoilet light canbe beneficial in the removal fo acne.It is used in peeling doses for up to six months.

Acne scars canbe removed with the help of resurfacing lasers.

Other techniques for removal fo acne scars are dermabrasion,chemical peeling and allergen injections.

Outcome of pimple


Course of pimples is extremely variable.The determinant factors depend upon the nature and type of pimples.Furthermore, the number of pimples,size & location also have an impact on the outcome of pimples.A few pimples of mild nature may not require any treatment and go away by their own. Some people have a few blackheads that clear within months without any scars left behind.Others suffer from widespread nodular or cystic pimples that require a longer time to clear up.They leave scars and cause keloid formation.Acne improves slowly over time,often clearing up by the end of teenage years.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I Have A Pimple! I Am Not Happy With Anyway Is There An Easy Way To Remove It Please Help If You Know Away Thanks For Reading! :D

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I had severe problem of acne be4 1 year. At that time I took treatment from skin specialist and I got A reault but not 100%.

      And Now I m not getting any treatment and I m still having same problem.

      If anyone can suggest me kindly help me out.


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