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How to Stay in Tip Top Shape

Updated on November 26, 2015

Health is wealth and if you want to be rich in this manner, you need to take really good care of your body. Your body is just like a car with many moving parts and just like a vehicle, you need some regular maintenance to make sure that everything works properly.

To achieve this you may have to do some sacrifices in your daily life. You will have to do a lifestyle change especially if you can describe yourself right now as a couch potato. It is not easy but the healthy rewards you will get will surely make your life so much better.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can stay in tip top shape:

1. Maintain your ideal weight.

The more weight you carry around, the more prone you will be to certain illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and even certain types of diabetes. To do this you will have to watch what you eat and exercise regularly. You also have to be aware of your BMI or Body Mass Index which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

2. Observe your eating habits.

Of course it’s a given that you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. You should also eat less red meat especially since the World Health Organization recently stated that it will increase your chances of getting cancer. Equally important to eating the right types of food is the quantity that you intake. Most of the time we are eating too much of everything. So it is necessary that you understand the correct portion sizes of the various food stuff that you enjoy each day, otherwise it would be very easy for you to gain weight.

3. Exercise regularly.

Doctors and fitness experts say that all you need is a 30-minute exercise each day. You don’t even have to go to the gym as walking is already enough workout for most people. But if you love going to the gym, then by all means do so just make sure that you spend more time exercising that having a chitchat with your fellow gym rats.

4. Consider physiotherapy.

Consult a physiotherapist especially if you're experiencing problems performing basic body movements and functions, are injured, or feeling any pain. Some physiotherapists combine pilates in their treatment programs, but usually tailor fit these based on their patients’ conditions. A few of the specific body parts that they work with are the back, hip, groin, knee, feet, elbow, wrist, and hand.

5. Limit your alcohol intake and say no to smoking.

A bottle of beer or a glass or two of wine once a week will not do you harm. In fact some doctors even say it would even have some health benefits for you. But to be on the safe side, you should limit the amount of alcohol that you take. And of course, you should not smoke as there are really no benefits to having this nasty habit.

6. Get enough sleep.

Sleep helps you feel better. You need sleep to help your mind be more alert and focus on your tasks. It also helps your body to repair to itself, making it a necessity if you have been working out really hard. Another great benefit of sleeping is it helps improve your memory. So how much sleep do you need? Experts say you need 8 hours to fully recover, but since people are different, you should gauge yourself how many hours is truly enough for you.

7. Get regular check ups.

Nothing beats getting checked up by your doctor. Prevention is key so even if you are not experiencing anything bad about your body, you should still visit your doctor. Get at least a once a year executive check up where you will undergo a series of health tests to ensure that you are in good condition.

Consistency is the key!

If you want to be in tip top shape then you have to be consistent with all the changes you will be implementing in your life. From your diet to your workouts, you have to be religious and persistent with them so you will always stay healthy. Just imagine the things you can do if your body is in great working condition.


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Excellent suggestions for good health