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How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes - Take Advice From Someone Who Knows Your Problems

Updated on April 11, 2012

How to tell someone you have herpes is one of the most challenging questions for single people who have herpes and those in relationships who have yet to have The Herpes Talk. It’s difficult for other people to understand the level of fear and the sheer embarrassment that we face each time we meet someone new that we’d like to date.

However, learning the right ways to tell your partner you have herpes is critical if you want to experience a fulfilling relationship with someone that you find attractive and exciting. What you say and how you say it can be the difference in wonderful experience and miserable failure.

The Internet is filled with advice and techniques for having the herpes talk. Most all of it sounds good on the outside but does it really work? Does having as much printed information available for your partner to read and do their own research really help? Or does it only flood your partner with even more stress? Does having just the right atmosphere really set the stage for your grand performance? Or does it simply set the stage for bad news and reinforce your fear of being rejected?

Actually, most all of the information that you’ll find to make how to tell someone you have herpes is hurting you more than it’s helping. Being rejected after you’ve spent hours getting everything just right can destroy your self-confidence and is especially tragic for someone who has a low self-esteem.

Telling someone about herpes or “The Talk” is a skill that can be easily learned and perfected. It certainly does not have to be the huge burden that it’s made out to be.

The constant fear of rejection from has compelled lots of people to take action and discover some way, any way, to be able to tell anybody, “I have herpes” without having the constant fear of being turned down. Unfortunately, unless you find advice that addresses the real problems, your efforts will be doomed to an endless journey of struggle and discouragement.

Here is the reality. If you would like to learn how to tell someone you have herpes then you'll need to follow the advice from someone who has already been through it before. Someone who has experienced the same fears that you have. What this means is you should follow a program that was created by somebody that had the same challenges as you are AND has figured out how to have the success you are looking for.

It doesn't matter what you do, if you want to have success in dating with herpes, you have to do what someone who was in your situation right now did. They understand what you really are experiencing and know the solutions from the inside out because they have already been there and they understand what it takes to have the success that you want and need.

Get on The Right Track and Follow The Right Advice that tackles The Herpes Talk at it’s core…

Figuring out how to tell someone you have herpes definitely isn't very difficult. What is difficult is making you realize that it isn't the place that you have the talk or the printed information that is going to get you there. None of this will get rid of your fear of being rejected and make it easy to tell your partner you have herpes.

Once you are on the right track by simply following a suitable program, and develop specific skills, you're going to be blown away at just how much quicker the results can come for you.

Putting in the work that’s required is really the hard part. But even the work can be rewarding…and fun! However if you're considering a program that is not tailored to someone like you and address the real problems that you’re having, then it really makes no difference what type of effort you devote. In other words, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels and continuing to feel the pain of being rejected. The never-ending struggles will continue until you learn the right ways on how to tell someone you have herpes.

Get started today regaining control over your life and stop being embarrassed and fearing being rejected whenever you're faced with telling someone you have herpes


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