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Importance of water in weight loss

Updated on July 27, 2013

How does water help you loose weight?

Water is very important to our bodies.It solves a lot of problems such as skin problems and other medical problems.Water also plays a great role in weight loss.You might be wondering how water helps in weight loss and what is its role in weight loss.

To begin with,you have to note that water does not help you loose weight by burning calories.Instead, it helps you loose weight by cleansing and removing waste from your body which would have been stored as fat.It helps your kidney to function properly,increasing

Secondly,drinking water prevents your body from retaining water.Your body tends to preserve water when you are dehydrated.Always make sure your body is hydrated to prevent you body from retaining water and as a result your body will drop those extra pounds of water weight.

Another way in which water helps you loose weight is that it helps you reduce your intake of sugars and calories you get from other drinks like juices and soda’s.Taking water instead of other sugary drinks when your thirsty,will significantly help you loose weight.

In addition,Water helps you loose weight by helping you exercise more.Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping ,keep your joints lubricated and therefore be able to exercise more.

Water also acts as an appetite suppressant by making your stomach full and you therefore eat less.Always take water before meals,so as to reduce the amount of food and calories you take since water makes you feel fuller.

Water alone can’t help you loose weight but it is a good start and will help you in your journey to weight loss.You’re not going to loose a lot of weight drinking water but with exercise,a healthy diet plus taking plenty of water a day you will do even better.

Apart from the above reasons,there are many other reasons why it is important to drink water, especially if you are dieting:

  • Water is important and your body requires plenty of it to burn calories.Having less water in your body means that the process of burning calories will be slowed down.
  • Water plays an important role in flashing away toxic substances in your body that are produced in the process of burning calories.
  • Water keeps your body energized.You need energy while working out and water can help you get that energy because it creates enough blood in your body and hence there is enough supply of oxygen in your muscles which will in turn make you feel energized.
  • Water lubricates your muscles and joints,giving them the ability to contract and prevents them from being sore while exercising.

Water is important for best results when using your weight loss diet.Without fluids you will not achieve best results since digestion will be difficult and you will suffer from constipation .

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Although some people know the importance of taking water in their effort to loose weight,most people have no idea about how much water they need to drink.They therefore fail to take enough and as a result fail to gain the benefits of loosing weight through taking water.In the first stages,taking water might be difficult and you might be wondering how much water you are supposed to be drinking.

How much is enough?
It is often recommended that you take 8 ounce glasses per day but how much water your body requires depends on you weight,your activity level,your diet and the environmental temperatures around you.How does your diet determine your water intake?If your diet contains plenty of water,then you will not require a lot of water.Foods with a lot of fluids include fruits and vegetables.You can tell if your body has enough water naturally by looking at the colour of your urine.When your body has enough water then your urine will be pale yellow though medications and supplements may change the colour of your urine.You can also tell that your body isn’t getting enough water or it is dehydrated when you have symptoms such as dry mouth,feeling thirsty,poor concentration and occurring headaches.However,taking excessive amounts of water can be dangerous.It can cause sodium levels in your body to become diluted.You should therefore take just enough water to replace water that you have lost through perspiration.To make it possible for you to take plenty of water in a day,try and space the intervals you drink water.

To summarize it all,drinking a lot of water will help reduce your appetite,increase your energy levels and metabolic rate.Water has no calories and you should therefore make it an integral part of your weight loss initiative.

Steps on how to loose weight with water

Drink water throughout the day -Drinking water throughout the day will help keep you feeling full and prevent you from consuming high-calorie drinks and snacks. Incase you carry snacks,you will eat less because you already have the feeling of being full. Consuming less calories will help speed weight loss.

Replace sweetened drinks with water- Instead of drinking soda, or any other high-calorie drinks, get a glass or bottle of water.This will spare you hundreds of calories per day.It is always advisable to carry water with you as you go to work or traveling.

Drink a glass of water before every meal- Various studies of weight loss in overweight adults, have shown that those who drink water before taking a meal consume fewer calories and therefore had improved weight loss results.

Drink cold to speed your metabolism- Cold water solidifies food and energy is used as the body tries to warm up.

Match any alcohol consumption with equal amounts of water. This is a method used for motivation such that when you take one bottle of water you also take a bottle of water.

Follow a Water Fast- Try to replace one meal with plain water.Fasting can be challenging so prepare your body for the fast.You can also do a 24hour water fast.Prepare one week before and also start by removing foods that are high in calories and sugar.

Cut salt intake to lose water weight- Reduce the amount of dietary salt you consume for example by reducing your salt intake on foods.This can help you lose water weight faster, especially if you combine with taking plenty of water.

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