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How to use green tea for slimming and lose weight

Updated on November 12, 2014

How to use tea for slimming

  1. First: Choose the right kind of tea and its supplies:

Choose Best tea type:

Studies have shown that green tea is the best type in terms of interest. It’s true that you may not like its taste, but it’s still possible to use other kinds of good-flavored of green tea, which you like much. From those kinds we set:

  • Green tea: According to research you have to choose the green tea which contains high rate of caffeine, because a higher percentage of this last helps best in weight loss.
  • Herbal tea: You can also use herbal teas, which come in a variety of delicious flavors. Also, you can use them at night to get the right calm.
  • Red or Black Tea: Its one of the most famous kinds of tea. Not only that, but there are some people who name it green tea too because of its benefit. However, green tea stays the best.
  • Although you can obtain black tea in the form of caffeine-free, we recommend you to use the tea, which contains caffeine because it gives better results in weight loss, unless you suffer from insomnia.

Use tea in moderation:

You have to be careful while using tea into your eating system or even your diet, because using it more than it should, can be harmful and even useless. Moreover, to avoid the feeling of indisposition and vomiting, you have to choose the right time to take your cup of tea.

Read the tea components carefully:

There are many kinds of tea in the market, but to know the most useful one for your health you ought to read the list of ingredient on the back poster.

2. Second: Put a daily system:

Let tea to be one of your habits:

In order to reap tea’s benefits, you must get used to it, and try to make of it a daily habit, and to facilitate things for you, try the following ideas:

  • If you work for long hours, you can prepare tea lupine and put it next to you, because this way you will be able to drink tea once or twice easily.
  • Make of tea a social habit, which mean you can take it when you are out with your friends, instead of juices and nutritional drinks.
  • Try to drink tea without milk and any other additions, because tea alone is more useful.

Use tea as an alternate of the morning coffee:

Start your day with a fresh cup of tea instead of coffee, especially instant coffee because there are some kinds of it, which contains a lot of calories.

Use ice tea instead of soft drinks:

It’s known that soft drinks are sweetened with sugar, which has a bad effect on weight loss. So, you should choose the smart substitute which is iced tea. Since this later gives you the same effects of water gas, but without the sugar that is contained in regular soft drinks.

Take a warm cup of tea to satisfy the afternoon craving:

The most difficult period for people who want to lose weight is the afternoon, because at that period of time when most of us feel very hungry. So, we recommend you to take a warm cup of tea at that moment, because it will be useful and let you feel satiety.

Tea before dinner:

Drinking one cup of tea before dinner fills an important part of the stomach, which means you will consume less food. Moreover, it’s preferable to have a cold cup of tea, because it needs to be heated by the body's metabolism. This process spends more calories and this means more weight losing.


  • Researchers at the medical center of Maryland University are advising to drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day to see the health benefits and weight loss results.
  • Drinking 3-5 cups of green tea a day can burn about 50-100 calories.
  • Many types of tea have a range of benefits, including heart protection and preventing tooth decay.
  • Keep going on your diet through drinking plain tea or fat-free milk as a substitute.


  • Excessive consumption of tea can lead to weakness and iron absorption.
  • Some herbal teas can be harmful for some people, so be sure you know tea’s components, and try your possible to avoid tea made from comfrey, because it harms the liver.
  • Caffeine can affect sleep, so try to not drink it at least three hours before you sleep.
  • Drinking more than three cups of tea a day may cause dental problems.


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