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How To Apply True Beauty

Updated on October 25, 2017

True Beauty

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Photo Courtesy:

True Beauty Equals All of These Life Accessories

Apply the Following:

Strengthen the Eyes


A Kiss of Confidence


-Line the Eyes with Strength-

Strength means so many things as it pertains to emotional control, physical and mental ability, tenacity and resilience aganist odds. People who have overcome trials are often seen as wonderfully inspirational and thus beautiful by holding their own, helping others and progressing despite circumstance and resistance.

-Smear a Shade of Confidence for the Lips-

Confidence is having pride by taking care of yourself on the outside as well as within. By embracing what we are, and realizing that every step to better ourselves is an accomplishment in our own right, we express pride in a constructive way. This allows us to accept but also progress in order to improve ourselves and the environment around us. Confidence is extremely contagious. It subconsiciously teaches others to uphold the same in their own unique way.

A Blush of Humility


-Humility's Blush for the Cheeks-

Humility is a hallmark of a beautiful person. It compliments self-confidence while also acknowledging others who are equally important. This includes being appreciative of all qualities that make you who you are while being receptive to learn how to do better from others. It is an openness to become inspired by all those that can teach us a little more.

Eyes of Wisdom


-Shadow the Eyes with Wisdom-

Having intelligence or knowledge is a sign of maturity but knowing how to apply it in a world full of confusion is indicative of wisdom. Anyone who possesses an inner wisdom also possesses an inner beauty. The mind, as it is known to be absolute in power, can influence and carry us through in all aspects, and this is extraordinarily beautiful when utilized in the right manner.

A Nurturing Foundation


-Caress with Caring/Nurturing Foundation-

The heart is the window to the soul. The most beautiful people, with all physical make-up aside, have an energy about them that radiates with natural beauty simply because they have love for others, are sacrificing, and unselfish. They do not forget that we all deserve respect and love. They live, breath, speak and walk with love in their hearts. Beauty like this is unmistakable and even though it is represented by attitudes and actions, the source is so powerful that it even contributes to a more livelier outer shell. In my opinion, this is the foundation of true beauty.


Whether it is the qualties that make us similar to others or the qualities that make us stand out from the same, we must accept who we are and know that we are all the definition of "True Beauty".

My Source:

I am a Creative Wellness Consultant specializing in Holistic Healing, Stress Management, Creative Arts & Writing, and Personal Development.

© 2009 Latasha Woods


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    • Latasha Woods profile imageAUTHOR

      Latasha Woods 

      7 years ago from USA

      Thanks Guanta!! This is very true. We all have access to it, and this compliments the outer beauty even more.

    • Guanta profile image


      7 years ago from New York City

      Hi Latasha, this Hub is truly beautiful. While it is important to look our best outwardly there is nothing more appealing in a person than when they exude that inner confidence which translates into beauty. You've worded everything very beautifully.


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