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Updated on August 29, 2011

Pain Management

Many people today deal with pain mor ethan ever before.Pain is something we all experience at one time or another on more than one occasion.People deal with pain in many different ways at different times.Some people drink away the pain,which really don't work in the long run,others take all sort of medications,smoke majunia,snort cocaine or smoke crack.Pain management clinics sometimes works for some people for a little while,but not everyone.A drug call hydrocodone works very well for pain,but if it is abuse it will cause liver and other damages to your body.If a person is bed ridden because of serious pain hydrocodone would have them right back up on their feet again, if they are allow to take it.To avoid most pains that just pop up on us anytime of the day could be brought to a minimum if we would we detox and rejunvinate it pain is something we shoul rarely experience.Accidients,bumps,bruises,and pain cause by ourselves and others is something totally different.Do what you can to minimize your pains,and make sure it is something you are always comfortable with.Thank you for taking the time to read my hubpage. Joseph potier


Pain is something that can be manage in so many different ways,so people have to find a way that is best for pain(s) that they are experiencing.I really wish that everyone would be pain free because that the way God intented for us to be.Pain Management,Joseph Potier


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