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Learning to Love Yourself: Finding Your Self-Worth!

Updated on October 9, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed, I write.

We are all born into this world full of sin and trust. If we are blessed to be birthed into a beautiful and highly functional family, we are given guidelines and directions and provided a lot of love.

However, every child is not fortunate enough in being a part of a moral family. Some are born into families that have not taken on the responsibility and are struggling so; the child does not get the love they deserve.

Bear in mind, it’s hard for that child raised in a home that did not show love to know the guide to loving Him or Herself. And more than likely this child will not know how to capitalize on living his or her dream.

A guide to loving yourself and understanding how to live your dreams will not comes to structure in this article. It comes from being raised in a good home.

No child can develop his or herself to practice so that they can learn to love their self. What is most important, the child will need caring parents to find the best way to improve their self-love, but for self-love, beginners read on.

As parents, we have a responsibility to provide our child with the proper tools to survive as we should want our children to grow up to be responsible inhabitants.

Bear in mind if children do not have the adequate love or to learn appropriate values and behavior as they are growing into an adult, they will not know how to love themselves.

When a child grows into an adult, they need the values, skills, and strength that will implement them throughout their lives. If the parent does not provide the child with the proper tools, they are handicapping them so another child can focus his attention on making them feel like a victim.

Not to mention a child with low self-esteem is more than likely born into the world with either absent parent, or abusive parents.

For low self-esteem to happen to a child, in most cases the father is far from heroic, but absence. The home consists of a single hard-working mother trying to make ends meet.

Although sometimes for some children the absent father is an improvement. Especially, if he is abusive, a gang banger or drug dealer.

In a home with a loving mother and a father who determine to be a better father than he ever involved to help the child improve their self-esteem.

If a person stands a chance of knowing how to love his or herself, they need to eliminate the toxic friend, families and kill the self-defeating directions provided by the mind.

Loving myself has not always been something I put as a priority. The reason being is I found myself putting others over myself. In fact, loving myself is something I need to be educated on, but as a human being who desires to make herself an advantage over others.

After being fed up with life circumstances, I begin searching for the real role of education in the purpose of this true self — self-love as my self-worth were on the line.

How I learn to love myself, I’m sure is different from how some learn to love themselves, but what is essential I learn. Learning to love yourself takes a lot of devotion, understanding and time. Bear in mind the responsibility doesn't stop once you learn you will need to implement your self-love every day.

To honestly know how to love yourself, you need a guide that will take you on a journey to greater self-worth. This guide will explain how to eliminate toxic self-defeating words, how to choose better, have a new perspective, and how to understand your authentic self and be open to a world of possibilities.

Anyone who knew me knows that loving myself has not always been something I identify how to do, in actuality, I was finding ways to sabotage myself and to tell the truth if I had written this article a couple of years ago, I would have shared that I knew nothing about self-love.

The reason I say I knew nothing about self-love because I felt putting myself first over another was selfish, and all my focus was on others.

Except for one day, as I was looking in the mirror at the woman, I create myself to be, and it was like a real eye-opener. Although I regret my past choices, I was able to look at myself in the mirror and smile with a bright smile forget all my regrets, and that was the beginning stage. Following that wonderful experience. It allowed me to stop putting others first and start putting myself a priority.

After I learned the greatness of loving myself and understood my self-worth, I also connect with the saying, "Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Now I make myself available only for those who view me as self-reliance and the beauty of my loving heart.

In learning to love myself, and knowing how to determine my own self-worth, I knew I needed to raise the bar and my opinion of yourself.

That very day I truly understood the meaning of the song the beautiful late Legendary, Ms. Whitney Houston, echoed in a song, “The Greatest Love of All.”

You can love yourself and share it with all. What’s the most of important when you learn to love yourself; it is the greatest love of all.

Learning to Love Yourself!

I love myself as much as I want my soulmate to love me, and you should do the same, do you agree?

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Ms. Mary J Blige - Love Yourself

Do You Love Yourself? Take this quiz and find out

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Ms. Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All

Love Yourself - Justin Bieber [ Lyrics ]

Love yourself, Justin Bieber

Love Yourself

Hello all, here's one of my book.

Women's Reproductive Health; How to Understand the Greater Woman in You
Women's Reproductive Health; How to Understand the Greater Woman in You

You only get one body and one opportunity to make it do things you want in this lifetime. A woman’s general health relies heavily on her reproductive health, and this makes every aspect of her life a crucial one. If you are a woman who wants to ensure that you keep your body in optimal reproductive shape, you are looking at the first step in your journey empowerment. If you not a woman, who are reading this. Instead, you may be a partner, mentor or friend of a woman, and, if this is so, you have uncovered a great treasure that you can present as a gift to the woman in your life. This book is written by a female and is about the things that women go through from a woman’s perspective.


© 2017 Pam Morris


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    • Robsthe1 profile image

      Robert Walker 

      19 months ago from Atlanta, GA.

      I always enjoy your articles Pam and... DITTO!! ;-)

    • Pam Morris profile imageAUTHOR

      Pam Morris 

      19 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Hi, Robert, long time since I heard from you. Good to hear from you. I especially love hearing Yes! I love myself and you, Robert Thank you for stopping by.

    • Robsthe1 profile image

      Robert Walker 

      19 months ago from Atlanta, GA.

      Yes Pam, Yes!!!

    • Pam Morris profile imageAUTHOR

      Pam Morris 

      19 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you so much, Shyron, for your reply. I am happy to know you love yourself and you are your best friend. It may sound strange, but many do not know how to love themselves. It is important to love yourself before you can love someone else.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      19 months ago from Texas

      Pam, interesting article and yes, I do love myself. I am my best friend.

      Blessings my friend


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