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How to Sleep Better: Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Updated on October 7, 2016
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Oversleeping is a problem that everyone face from time to time, but with the right tips and techniques you can eliminate the habit of oversleeping from your life forever. If oversleeping has become a major issue in your life where you have little to no control over your sleep pattern, it is time to handle it like a real addiction. This article contains detailed tips and techniques that can help you overcome your sleeping habits no matter how severe they may have become.

To some people, the best method to tackle the issue of oversleeping and to awake on time is to set an alarm clock and place it near their pillow. Since this technique has been used over the decades, it often fails to produce the required results. Setting an alarm clock and placing it close to the bed might not work for most people. Because when they awake to the sound of the alarm, they only have to stretch their hands a bit to turn it off, and this can be done without being fully awake.

The most efficient way to make use of alarm clocks to get up early is to place it a little distance from your bed. The trick is that the little moment and effort it takes you to walk up to where your alarm clock is before you turn it off helps signal to your brain and your body that it is time to wake up to go about your daily activities. Another way to make the alarm clock work for you is to get some brands that come with some creative features. One such alarm clock is the Sonic Bomb alarm clock that is known to increase in volume as it continues ringing. This increasing volume as it rings has an annoying way of forcing you to wake up.

Another way to deal with a sleep habit is to be motivated to kick the habit. Without the right motivation, you have no hope of changing the pattern. When it comes to dealing with sleep addictions and disorders, it is important to ensure that there is no underlying problem with a health issue that may make you want to stay longer in bed each morning. To ensure you deal with sleep addiction it important to make sure you do not require medical attention to make progress. If you had a follow-up with the doctor and you sure you do not have a medical condition, these tips and techniques will help you overcome your sleeping problems.

Useful Tips to Make Morning Routines Easier

1. Know the Possible Causes of Oversleeping

Oversleeping has been linked to many problems, some of these issues are health-related while some are as a result of the lifestyles of individuals involved. In dealing with oversleeping habits, it is important to discover the cause and treat it first. Trying different techniques to help you stop oversleeping might never produce satisfactory results until certain issues that bother on health and lifestyle that might handle the oversleeping had been adequately dealt with. Below are some major possible causes of oversleeping in most people.

Ill Health. Studies have shown that many oversleeping issues are a result of the presence of particular health problems that leave one fatigued and weak all through the night. When there is a disease that drain the body's fluids and reduce the energy levels, the body will naturally crave more sleep. The best way to deal with this kind of situation is to seek medical help to make sure the health problem is given urgent attention. Once the health issue that makes the body crave more sleep has been dealt with, waking up early every morning will no longer be a problem.

Bad Eating Habits. Researchers have proven that what you eat can sometimes determine how long you sleep. Eating healthy goes a long way to aid healthy sleep habits. It is advised that you keep your breakfast light and nutritious to make sure the body does not get weakened and less energized all through the day. Avoid sugary foods, starchy foods, fried foods, processed foods, etc. What you eat in the night equally affects your sleep. It is advised that you should equally keep it healthy and light. Taking foods that are more of veggies and fruits ensures you sleep light and wake up early to face the day's tasks.

Lifestyle. If there is one factor that plays an essential role in your sleep habits, it is the kind of life you live during the day. People who spend most of their days doing demanding jobs will always want to stay in bed longer. Subjecting your body to a lot of hard work and stress during the day will make it demand for longer hours in the bed. If you are addicted to alcohol, waking up early might always be a problem. Exercising regularly will go a long way to helping you sleep better and wake earlier. Regular and proper exercises help keep your body energized, and your muscles relaxed.

Other causes. Not all cases of oversleeping require urgent attention, Sometimes people occasionally oversleep due to one activity they engaged in during the night or the other. A good example is someone who stayed up late to watch a football game or stay out late at a club. The body will naturally want to make up for the sleepless night the very next morning, and this should never be a cause for concern.

It is important to know where the oversleeping problem is coming from to enable you to understand the best approach to adopt while dealing with it.

2.Get better sleep with these tips

Sleep addictions have continued to raise concerns as more people continue to experience this problem. The daily struggles people go through to make ends meet one of the major contributing factors to oversleeping. This problem can lead to some health issues over time. Apart from the possibility of resulting in health problems, oversleeping is one primary reason people are not as productive as they ought to be in their place of work. People who oversleep have less time to attend to their daily responsibilities both at work and at home. There is a need for everyone who suffer sleep addictions to do whatever it takes to deal with the issue adequately. Below are some tested and trusted tips to help you overcome this problem.

Set a goal. One important thing you must have at the back of your mind is that you can never beat any habit without creating an unyielding and achievable goal to overcome the habit. Set a goal to overcome your sleep addiction and make sure you review it each night before going to bed. Goals are more useful when they are written down and placed within view. Write down this objective in a positive tone and put it where you can see it before going to bed every night. Track your progress and rewrite your goals regularly.

Change your lifestyle. There are different things we do during the day that have the ability to come back to haunt us during the night. When you spend your day on booze and drugs, your night might naturally be longer than necessary as your body has been fed with sedatives and tranquilizers. If you can't do without alcohol and certain narcotics, make sure you do them early in the day and not before your bedtime if you wish to rouse early. Your diet is another important factor that plays a huge role in how long you stay in bed. Keep your meals, healthy, light and simple if you don't want to sleep longer than necessary.

Go to bed early. It is natural for your body to ask for more sleep if you are in the habit of going to bed late. People who stay up late watching their favorite late night soap operas always battle with oversleeping issues. Think of how oversleeping reduces your daily productivity and weigh it against the pleasure you get from watching those late night TV shows. Learn to arrange your tasks in order of priorities and get more things done during the day to make sure they do not encroach on your sleeping hours. When you learn to fall asleep early, you will naturally rise early every morning. Stop fighting your body's common clock settings. Always head to bed as soon as you start getting signals to do so.

The tips above are important tips that can help you overcome the problem of oversleeping to become a happier, healthy, and a more productive you.

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