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Hypnosis for Natural Childbirth

Updated on January 26, 2012

Channel 5 on Hypnosis for Natural Childbirth


What is HypnoBirthing?

Let me start by explaining what hypnosis is.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation; it is a feeling of peace and calm.  Your mind and body work together to deliberately create the feeling of deep relaxation called hypnosis.  By relaxing your conscious mind you enter the hypnotic state and your subconscious mind becomes open to accepting positive suggestions for a relaxed, pain free safe delivery of your baby.  In HypnoBirthing you are using hypnosis as a tool to experience childbirth in a positive, relaxed frame of mind free from worry, fear and anxiety. 

When should you start preparing for a HypnoBirth?

In my private practice I see expectant mothers who come to me at all stages of pregnancy but I would strongly recommend an expectant mother to begin hypnotherapy during the third month.  This is because they usually start thinking about the labour and birth around this time.  The news is out and female friends, family members and co-workers usually start on the gory stories once they hear the news.  However, I would advise that an expectant mother suffering from severe morning sickness should contact their Hypnotherapist during the early stages to help alleviate this problem.


Why would a woman opt for a HypnoBirth?

One of the most exciting aspects about learning how to hypnotise yourself as an expectant mother is that is gets rid of those fears and anxieties that most women have.  We attract what we most fear so when you are filled with fear and dread of the delivery and birth those feelings can create the negative experience that many women have. Using self-hypnosis unwanted thoughts can be easily replaced with more positive thoughts and feelings so creating the positive experience that you want.  Ask why some women have a pain free wonderful experience giving birth to their babies and some women experience the worst pain and negative experiences throughout their stay in hospital.  You’ll find that most women experience what they expect to happen like a self fulfilling prophesy. So wouldn’t it be in your interests as an expectant mother to learn how to expect the very best from this most exciting time in your life? HypnoBirthing can make your natural birth experience not just pain free but even pleasurable.  


Pregnancy & Birth
Pregnancy & Birth | Source

What does preparing for HypnoBirthing involve?

As part of the services I provide at my private practice I also provide personalised treatment for women during pregnancy to help them cope with the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and to prepare them for stress free birth. This treatment would also include post natal recovery and bonding with baby. Women attend clinic privately once a month and treatment is personalised. Though each woman’s needs are unique the treatment concentrates on 5 main areas:

  • Addressing fears about birth
  • Dealing with the emotional and physical stresses during pregnancy
  • Preparing for labour
  • During labour
  • Post natal recovery and bonding with baby

Hypnosis is for Life

Why learn self-hypnosis for childbirth?

First of all, I teach each woman how to hypnotise herself so that she starts practicing hypnosis by herself on a daily basis throughout her pregnancy. Using hypnosis daily in this way gets you used to achieving deeper states of relaxation at will and under all circumstances. I also provide each woman with personalised CDs for use during each stage of her pregnancy. The CDs are like having me there with you guiding you as I would during a session at the clinic. The Hypnobirthing CDs counteract those old negative thoughts and feelings allowing your subconscious mind to be filled with thoughts of peace and relaxation during labour and childbirth. You are your thoughts. As I have previously stated the thoughts you dwell on affect the feelings you experience. Labour and birth are life giving experiences to be anticipated with joy and celebrated as such., You are special, nobody else is doing what you are doing giving birth to YOUR baby, so think positive thoughts and you and your baby will experience a wonderful labour and birth.

Childbirth with Hypnosis

How does Hypnosis make labour pain free?

Hypnosis helps you to have a pain free labour by redirecting your attention before you get to that point of pain that is dramatised on TV. When we experience pain we contract our muscles unless we have taught ourselves not to do so. Using hypnosis during each contraction you allow those muscles to relax because you have already dealt with the fear of pain and are now expecting a pain free relaxed experience. This simply means that by the time you have reached your labour your mind has been accepting positive suggestions for a relaxed, pain free experience. You have trained your body to respond to your commands so it becomes as natural as anything you do without thinking like breathing. It simply does what you ask it to do, what you have been practicing for the previous months. Your fears and anxieties have been dealt with, your body is responding to your commands, you are alert to your medical team, however, you are in a state of hypnosis and because time is experienced so differently during hypnosis .What normally seems like an hour seems just like minutes. You are fully aware but choosing to enjoy the experience.

HypnoBirthing is a safe and natural way to give birth. Hospitals all over the world welcome and appreciate those ladies who choose to experience labour and childbirth in hypnosis.

I provide free of charge Part 1 of my HypnoBirthing Course for download from my website Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic so every woman can experience hypnosis for childbirth and learn how to enter the relaxed state at will. This comes as a high quality audio file you can burn to CD, MP3 player or iPod.


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