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I chose to live

Updated on January 17, 2013


Abuse is a terrible thing especially sexual abuse because it is not only physical but it is also very emotional. Many people might not realize but the effects of abuse stay with the abused long after the actual acts have stopped. Some say that when you look at a person who has gone through abuse you can see it in their eyes like they are screaming inside but they can't express their pain and their suffering. When they don't seek counseling some will suffer from depression and everyday will seem like a struggle.

I think that the reason why some people don't report abuse is because of the way people will view the person afterwards, like someone broken or a victim. If the abused is a child, well most times they might think its their fault or they might just not understand what is going on in their eyes the adult is supposed to know better right? The abuse therefore goes unreported and the silence is like a disease that just about eats the victim alive. The weight of such a burden on one's soul is unbearable and some turn to drugs or meaningless sexual activities or even try to commit suicide.

Many people who have gone through abuse are addressed as victims I remember watching an episode of private practice and Dr Shepperd (who was once a prescription pill addict) was telling a colleague how very painfully aware everyday that there were pills that she could easily access in the hospital but she didn't give in to her addictions that fact alone made her much more stronger and strong willed than anyone. My point is that the fact that an abused person is going through the day with a smile on their faces proves that they don't have the heart of a victim but rather that of a fighter and that just proves that they are stronger than most people.

While reading a book titled I choose to live by Sabine Dardenne she refused to be called a victim and to hear of the horrors that she went through you would be tempted to think so but the way she went through the trial and that she managed to go back to where she was kept hostage proves otherwise it only serves to show how truly brave and determined she is and if the abuser hoped to break her well he failed.

So for those who had a terrible childhood, for those who feel alone, for those who are misunderstood and are stared at because of what they went through hang on, don't be afraid to love, laugh,cry and be yourself again. The world is a better place with you in it. You might not realize it but you are braver and stronger than most people and with the words of Sabine I conclude that I too choose to live.

Book: I choose to live

Book review:Sabine Dardene I choose to live


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