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iPhone Apps for a Healthier You

Updated on June 19, 2013

Being Healthy on the Go

Trying to loose weight? The majority of Americans spend half of their lives on some kind of diet. Being in the diet business is big money. The truth is every diet book is pretty much the same story just wrapped with a different title and package.

The way to loose weight is to eat less calories then you burn in a day. I too struggle to loose weight and I have started to use a few iPhone apps that have helped me be more successful then I have ever been before.

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is great for runners, walker and cyclist alike. The app run on GPS so you have to be moving for it to work. So this app isn't really great for the gym, but if you are an outdoor enthusiast then this app will track your route and tell your duration, speed, and calories burned per workout. The app also integrates with the website.

Map My Fitness also has partnered with other devices such at Fitbit, and Nike +. They are also have partnered with reward programs such as Earndit.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal, is a free calorie counting site and app. You can custom your diet plan, depending on how fast you want to loose weight. I find that this app is the most helpful in my weight loss goal. Almost any food I search for I can find, plus the bar-code scanner is amazing. My favorite feature is the recipe builder. I tend to make all my meals from scratch so it is hard to figure out how many calories I am eating. This handy app lets me plug in all the ingredients in and make a recipe that I can use over and over again.

My Fitness pal also links with the device Fitbit.


Fooducate is an app that helps you better understand exactly what you are eating. The idea behind Fooducate is to scan the barcode of an item, and the app will give it a food grade depending on how healthy that item is. It also gives you alerts on certain ingredents in the scan food that you might want to think about before purchasing.

Fooducate is really an app to educate people on what they are eating, and gives them suggestions on foods that similar, and are considered more healthier version. I have to say this app can be very addictive,and can make the shopping experience alot longer, but I feel it has taught me alot about products, and the additives that are present in so many of them. Because of Fooducate I have started eating less package food. Even foods that are suppose to be natural and healthy can have some surprising ingredients, so I recommend this app for anyone trying to educate yourself in what you put in your body.


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