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10 Great Pregnancy Apps

Updated on August 23, 2013
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Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.

Ultrasound Photo
Ultrasound Photo | Source

Yes, there's an App for that. Aren't you glad about that? For expecting mothers who own those Smart Phones there are some very cool Apps that can help them along with their pregnancies. Some of these Apps are free and some cost very little, but they all have value features that are user friendly. Now there are not just Apps for the expecting Mom, but Dad has some Apps he can access as well. NOTE: Make sure that when using any App that allows your personal information to be entered that there is password protecting capability. Let's investigate some pregnancy Apps.

1. Pregnancy Progress - If you're wondering how many times that sweet bundle of joy you're carrying has kicked you, well then keep a count of the kicks with this App that has a cool kick counter. Take pictures and send to friends letting them know how far along you are. Make your doctor's appointments, document questions that you may have about your pregnancy. The calendar feature will allow you to review your progress.

2. Labor and Contraction Timer - Tracks how long your contractions are and how far apart they are as well as how intense they are. You can see if your contractions are increasing or decreasing, send e-mails to friends or family so they too can monitor your progress.

Mom and baby
Mom and baby | Source

3. Woman Calendar - Fertility Conscience tool for women who are trying to conceive, not trying to conceive, making plans around certain dates, or to track menstrual cycles. Use this App to:

  • Forecast fertility cycles
  • Track your body temperature
  • Track your weight
  • Track your ovulation
  • Track your sexual activities
  • Track your cramps and more

Journal your thoughts daily, and use this App's calendar to create historical records as well as edit, organize, and preview these records. The chart feature is great for tracking whatever you want concerning your body changes. Data that is saved can be exported to other on-line applications so that data can be printed out. Another great thing about this App is that you can password protect your information to keep snoops out.

4. Pregnancy ++ created by Health & Parenting Ltd. along with healthcare professionals. If you're looking to bring a little more excitement to your pregnancy then this App is for you.

  • See fetal pictures
  • Track your weight
  • Create a baby shopping list
  • Access a list of baby names
  • Use the kick counter
  • Use the Contraction Counter
  • Learn more about your pregnancy diet and exercise
  • Don’t forget your doctor’s notes

5. Fertility Friend Mobile is an interpretation tool/calendar used to track your menstrual cycle and ovulation. The fertility calendar is color coded, if you're interested in developing some statistics on your cycle you can, and there is integration with the website.

6. iPregnancy (designed by a practicing OB/GYN) - With this App you'll be able to view, in 3D, ultrasounds of your little bundle. Have questions for your doctor? Just log them in for later. There's a cool baby name picker, a weight tracker, link to Facebook and Twitter so you can share your progress with friends and family, use the Due Date Calendar which will estimate your due date based on your last period, ultrasound date, or date of conception, and store pictures of yourself chronicling your ever expanding belly. Know your baby’s average length and weight from week to week. This App has so many features and was awarded THE BEST PREGNANCY PLANNER.

iCycleBeads Pregnancy Planning App

7. MyPregnancy – Would you like a pregnancy diary? Then this App is for you. See photos of the fetal development, make doctor's appointments and add notes from your doctor, store your ultrasound scan photo, and watch videos of various animations along with live births. Document your feelings about your pregnancy. Get connected with Birth Clubs and meet other Moms and Dads who can offer advice and support. There is also access to a wonderful nutrition guide.

Dad and his baby
Dad and his baby | Source

8. This App is for men and it's called MPregnancy which brings a little humor to the pregnancy process. Ok, Dads, you get to compare your baby's growth to the size of a pizza, a beer cap or a football. This App comes from a man's point of view. Men will also learn what foods their wives should avoid during pregnancy and can visit the FAQ section. With this App the happy couple can know the size of their little one from week to week.

Proud Dad
Proud Dad | Source

9. dad2be - Another App with some humor and acts like a good friend with some almost thoughtful advice giving some thoughts on your wife's actions and why Dad may seem a bit ignored by her, but truth is, she loves her husband.

Pregnancy Apps and E-book of 15,000 + Baby Names

10. The Guys Guide to the Delivery Room. What should Dad expect when Mom's expecting? Many men may be too nervous to enter the delivery room, or have no idea what to expect once they’re in the delivery room, or their stomachs may not be able to handle the wonderful miracle of birth. This guide will help men with any misconceptions or fuzzy thinking they may have about participating in the birth of a child. Knowledge is power, and the more men know about the in’s and out’s of child-birthing the better they should feel and the better they should be prepared to enter the delivery room. This e-book gives insight into:

  • What to bring with you to the hospital
  • The process of labor
  • We're at the hospital, now what?
  • Labor Medications
  • Information on C-Sections
  • The baby is born, now what?


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    • profile image

      Nancy 5 years ago

      Loved this article. These apps are great.

    • Kristine Manley profile image

      Donna Kristine 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      It is very suprising to see what technologies are out there for parents.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      It's so amazing at what is available in technology for parents these days. I am glad to see there are apps for men who are expecting as well. Great hub and voted up.