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iPhone and iPod Touch Yoga Apps

Updated on November 15, 2012

Yoga Apps For iPod and iPhone

Yoga is one of the fastest growing phenomenon in the US today. The art is practiced by millions of people world wide from all walks of life. Yoga is a useful form of meditation and relaxation; A good iPhone app can help you practice yoga at home or wherever you are. When choosing an app you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices. There are literally 100's to choose from.

I have reviewed five of the top apps featured on the iTunes App Store. Some of the features I found in the apps include poses, sessions, customizable options and calendars. Not all apps have the same features or cost; some are free and some cost a few dollars or more. Out of the five I am reviewing one emerges as the clear leader in yoga apps for iPod and iPhone.

All-In Yoga Top Pick In iPhone Apps

All-In Yoga is the best combinations of features and functions with over 300 poses and sessions.
All-In Yoga is the best combinations of features and functions with over 300 poses and sessions. | Source

All-In Yoga Is A Top App

All-In Yoga is one of my top picks. The app is a full feature platform for yoga. The app offers the most comprehensive list of poses and features of the apps I have checked out. All-In has the most preloaded sessions and has customizable routines. The app also comes with a high level of support from yoga instructors who will help you design a custom session. The multiple profile feature is an added bonus and makes it easy for families to share the app on an iPod or iPhone.

The app costs $0.99, not very much compared to other apps I have paid for. There are plenty of free yoga apps but none of them have all the features offered by All-In Yoga. The app has four levels of instruction, ranging from beginner to guru and saves workouts on a calendar for easy review. One of the coolest features is the 3-D muscle view. This is an anatomical picture of the pose and the muscles being targeted. This helped me to correct my posture and get the most out of each pose.

There is one drawback but it is easily overcome. This app, like all the yoga apps I looked at, is targeted at the ladies. The color schemes and designs are not very manly and all the pictures are of women.

Yoga:Free, A Great Free Yoga App

Yoga:Free is an earlier, free version of All-In Yoga. It was designed in iOS 3.0 and will work on older iPods, iPads and iPhones. Many of us are still using older versions for one reason or another and this is a great app for those devices. It has many of the same features as All-In Yoga but in a lighter version.

It contains detailed instructions and photos of poses, predesigned sessions and a customizable feature. The calendar will track your sessions in an easy to use history. It is much more comprehensive than the free version of Simply Yoga and more pleasant to use.

Simply Yoga: Free, Good App But Light On Features

Simply Yoga:Free is another good yoga app but is a little light on the features. The full version is $2.99, not much but still 3 times the cost of All-In Yoga. The system is like a collection of workout videos with a range of levels. The free version only includes level 1 but has 20,40 and 60 minute workouts. The app comes with 12 or more languages, making it a choice for users worldwide. The latest version fixes some minor bugs and requires iOS 4.1 or higher.

This app gets good reviews and I thought the sessions were good, just limited. The videos demonstrate each pose well and come with an audio track that the provides additional instruction throughout the workout. The biggest drawback of the free version is size, the app only comes with 30 poses and 3 workouts. The paid version is only a little better, adding a second level of workouts and customizable routines. The app is good but not really worth the extra $2 bucks when compared to All-In Yoga.

Yoga can be practiced any where, any time.  There is always a pose for every occasion and the right iPhone yoga app can help you find it.
Yoga can be practiced any where, any time. There is always a pose for every occasion and the right iPhone yoga app can help you find it. | Source

Yoga And Pilates With Kristen McGee

Kristen McGee is a well known fitness writer and instructor working for Health Magazine. This app is a combination of yoga and pilates workouts led by McGee. Kristen is good and well respected fitness leader but her app is very new and needs a lot of work. It is basically a portal to Kristen's store, where you can purchase and download individual videos on demand. The app itself is free but from what I can find the additional workouts you must purchase are running about $3.99 each. This is a great app for those who can't live without a Kristen McGee workout on their phone but is not a serious yoga app.

Yoga Stretch, Easy On The Budget

Yoga Stretch is a good, affordable app, however is very limited when compared All-In Yoga. The app only has 35 poses and one preloaded session. The upside is that you can design 5 of your own custom sessions that will run with voice instruction and your own music playlist in the background. Each pose is described in detail with a list of benefits for both mind and body. I really liked the layout and use of the app but is just does not have the functionality that All-In Yoga comes with. This is not a bad app, just not the best app.


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