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Limiting Wellness Belief #6: My Disease is Incurable

Updated on February 11, 2013

We're Sorry, Your Disease is Incurable

These have to be some of the scariest words you can hear, especially when incurable implies impending suffering and death. When your disease is pronounced incurable, and you are sent home to get your affairs in order, it's usually because conventional medicine doesn't have any more interventions that will cure you. Therefore your case is considered hopeless.

Does Incurable Really Mean Hopeless?

Do you know someone who tried for years to have a baby (in the years before all these fertility treatments) and couldn't? What often happens around a year or so after the adopted child comes home? Yes, mama is pregnant.

Do you know someone who beat the odds and is still alive years after he or she was supposed to be dead? Not only that, but there are no longer any signs of the disease? How could they still be alive? Most of them will tell you that they got so busy living that they forgot to die.Some refuse to die.

Let me share a true story I read many years ago. Hopefully my rendition is accurate.

Despite the fact that she was given a terminal diagnosis of cancer, this woman pronounced that she was going to live. Over time her disease progressed. Eventually she went to hospice. While there she didn't behave as the other patients did. Every day she'd dress and find ways to stay busy. She never wavered in her belief that she would get well even as her body was failing. Finally the disease took its toll. The staff gathered round to support her in her dying moments. She took one last breath and it was over. Or so they thought.

What happened next was a total surprise. Not only didn't this woman die, but got up and completely healed.

If memory serves, this story was recorded in a book called A Gift of Hope. It profoundly changed my thinking. It was clear to me that there is always hope, right up until the last breath.

This woman clearly demonstrated that as you believe in your subconscious mind, so it is. She was healed according to her unwavering belief.

Keep in mind that this has little to do with your conscious beliefs. You can be as sincere as the day is long in affirming your belief in your ultimate healing and see no improvement at all. Someone else can be a conscious skeptic and heal miraculously. It all has to do with your hard wired programming. Somehow, sometimes, this programming kicks in or gets changed and miracles happen. In other cases, the person buys into the prognosis so completely that they die almost to the day predicted.

Although her story is quite dramatic, there are countless others. I remember the true story of another terminal cancer survivor. (Sorry, but I don't remember the name of the movie.) She didn't accept her terminal diagnosis either. After trying many remedies, she ended up at the home of a Chinese doctor who gave her remedies, exercises and maybe acupuncture. Over the months, his continued mantra to her was "No hurry, no worry." And she was cured. Was it her beliefs that healed her? Or the treatments? Was it releasing fear, stress and worry?

Maybe the answer doesn't matter. She clearly believed she could heal herself with the right treatment. Her husband never wavered in supporting her. Perhaps in this story the answer is "all of the above". By creating a calm system free of stress and worry, along with healthful practices her body could heal.

Want more inspiration? Read Bob's story here. By These Things Men Live: Chronicles of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor

As all these stories show, the truth is that although a prognosis may be a likely outcome, it isn't gospel. If it is possible for one, it is possible for all of us. What still remains a mystery is how to consistently predict and control this healing response. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to what will happen. There may be conditions in the body that you aren't aware of. Still, if you create a space for healing, healing becomes possible.

Tips to Encourage Healing

The brain and body have a remarkable capacity to heal over time, and even instantaneously, given the right environment of beliefs, nutrients, and chemical messages that make their way to the cells.

If you have a disease that's been dubbed 'incurable', you can choose to believe this limiting prognosis or you can choose to be open to the possibility and hope that with the right tools your body can heal itself. This applies to life threatening illnesses as well as those that just make your life miserable or more difficult.

  • After asking "Why me?" and having a good cry, step out of that energy. Change your question. Ask "why not me?". When you think of your mind and body's potential to heal ask, "why not me?" Ask the following question of your subconscious regularly, "How am I healing" or "Why am I healing". You don't have to answer directly, just let your subconscious dwell on it and show you answers. Ask with openness and curiosity in a relaxed manner. Then be open to what shows up for you.
  • Make influential conscious efforts to align your subconscious with your current desires. Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative tail-enders from your affirmations. Use mind healing techniques such as EFT, hypnosis and visualization.
  • Focus on rebuilding your health physically, mentally and spiritually. Align your thoughts, energy, and habits with wellness on all levels.
  • Reduce all forms of stress. Yes, this is easier said than done, but it is essential if you are going to create an environment within your body that is conducive for healing.


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    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 7 years ago

      Great, Infinity Val, really great! I fully endorse everything you say here.


    • InfinityVal profile image

      InfinityVal 7 years ago from NNY

      Totally agree. That's an integral part of reducing stress and rebuilding health in mind, body and spirit. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

    • Money Glitch profile image

      Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas

      Great hub, I agree with you whatever an individual believes is what the mind, God, and the universe sets in motion for you. Great tips for getting the mind set to start the healing process. A tip I would like to add is to work on getting rid of anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, and all those toxic thoughts that cause dis-ease in the body. Thanks for sharing. Rating up! :)

    • InfinityVal profile image

      InfinityVal 7 years ago from NNY

      Couln't have said it better myself:) Thanks for commenting.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

      I agree, your state of mind is powerful. It's also of concern how people place a lot of faith in the medical profession when they are as human as everyone else and do not have all the answers. I hope the current thinking of the masses is turned from the not so magic pills to a healthy balance of self awareness, self worth and the ability to thoughtfully participate in ones own healthy future.