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Jukari Fit To Fly

Updated on January 26, 2010
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You might think that anyone motivated enough to put out a Hub about a newly launched exercise program must be a huge fan of it. Well that is not really the case here; instead, I am just someone who recently was made aware of this new acrobatic workout system and found it to be at least a little bit intriguing...

I was originally going through the daily grind of checking all of my emails when I came across one from Reebok in particular that picqued my curiosity. It was basically an announcement of their new acrobatic exercise program, called Jukari Fit To Fly, and it was also announcing anew contest to win yourself some kind of startup membership to it. I followed the link back to the website and decided to learn more about this thing. What I found out was quite an eye opener - in large part because I had not yet heard any of the buzz about this program in the media, I guess. Firstly, the term Jukari is supposed to be from some world dialect and means to play (I just wish they said which dialect it is supposed to have come from just to satisfy my sense of curiosity). As well, the Jukari program was not develloped by Reebok alone, it was develloped in tandem with another globally known company: the Cirque Du Soleil entertainment group. This would have got my attention even if the Reebok announcement alone had not. I came across some informative videos on the development of Jukari involving both companies and have included them below.

Considering the nature of the Cirque Du Soleil's performance work it is really no surprise the direction in which they have taken the program: the Jukari exercise program basically is centered around the use of a system of trapeze. (trapezi? trapezes?)
This system allows the participant to target muscle groups not targetted by many other workout programs (according to the Reebok website) and allows for both high impact and low impact workouts. The set up apppears to allow for use of the trapeze both higher up as well as low down near the floor. There is some shrewd marketing going on here as well; the decision to go with a complex system of trapeze also means that you will not likely see thisprogram copied at your local gym or community center anytime in the near future. Instead this system looks like it will be kept pretty much under the direct control of its creators through the establishment of aseries of Jukari worlout centers around the World. By having it run this way they maintain the exclusivity of it and that usually is a large factor in determining price for the service. Don't get me wrong here. I am not criticizing them for it: they put time and money into developing this and have a copyrighted system now ready to offer to the general public (at least those who can afford it early on). Of course there is also the issue of liabilty tro consider; the more available and widespread you make something like this, the more opportunity there is for something somewhere to go wrong and for the injury lawsuits to follow.

At the outset, Jukari is being launched in something like 15 different locations in 11 different cities world wide. The list of cities includes the following:

  • Seoul (Korea)
  • Kuala Lampur (Malaysia)
  • Munich (Germany)
  • Krakow and Warsaw (Poland)
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • London (UK)
  • Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • Buenos aires (Argentina)
  • Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Montreal (Canada)
  • New York (USA)

Another very smart marketing move is that Reebok has come out with a complete new line of workout apparel for those taking part in the Jukari program that want to tailor their workout wardrobe to these activities; everything from tops and bottoms and shoes to workout accessories appear to already be available to order, according to the Reebok website. If I were to have any concerns about the liklihood for any longterm syuccess for this new and innovative aerial exercise program it would be that it is probably not launching at the best of times considering the current state that the World economy is in. True there will always be those people with enough money to spend on something like this even during a recession, but even those people are probably scaling backtheir extracurricular spending a little bit, and besides, it is really probably the next level of consumer that this system is relying on to get hooked on the system and become regular returning customers. From the promotional videos it appears as if the Jukari system is designed to handle groups of people at one time so they would obviously be relying on groups more than single customer sessions. Of course something like the development of the Jukari program was probably started a while ago before the current state of the economy was even a factor to consider and it's not like Reebok was going to scrap something like this once it was in the can, so to speak, so I guess we will just have to wait and see if in the long term, Jukari is able to keep flying high with the greatest of ease...

JUKARI FIT TO FLY - inspiration for the program

JUKARI FIT TO FLY intro video


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    • profile image

      carmen 6 years ago

      are they locations in miami? where thanks

    • profile image

      john (USA) 7 years ago

      that story sucks

    • profile image

      ERI 8 years ago

      Hola enMexico donde se toman las capacitaciones??

      Estoy inteersada en aprender.

    • profile image

      windy 8 years ago

      I want to buy one! How much???

    • dreamscaper profile image

      dreamscaper 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Dont know about Greece, but I am sure that there are no locations in Vancouver at this time. Sorry. =(

    • profile image

      nathalie 8 years ago

      Are there locations in Vancouver where Jukari is offered?

    • profile image

      betty 8 years ago

      i want to know if jukari will come in greece and when!and also where can i find it!!!thank you