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Keep Loving a Psychopath or a Sociopath?

Updated on September 9, 2015

Keep surrounding yourself with the wrong people?

Have you ever fallen in love with a powerfully charismatic man or woman, and then had your life completely torn apart? Were the relationships you had with family, co-workers, and friends destroyed? Were you left with no money, no home, and/or crippling debt?

Hate to be the one to tell you, but it's extremely possible that you were involved with a psychopath/sociopath.

Psychiatrists say there are lots of them in our society. Chances are you know one. We have an idea from the movies, that sociopaths or psychopaths are serial killers, but that isn't a good description, although they can get into some serious trouble with authority.

They often have very high IQ's and are typically charming, entertaining, witty, and VERY exciting, at least at first. They know exactly how to manipulate people, and can go undetected unless you are personally involved.

According to statistics from the American Psychiatric Association, three out of 100 males are sociopaths. That means three out of five people classify as a sociopath and as many as 15 to 25 percent of prison inmates are sociopathic.

They do not think anything is wrong with them. They often serve as leaders or people of prominence because of their intelligence and charisma.

But their brains function differently. Some psychiatrists use the term cortical under-arousal. Whatever it is, a sociopath doesn't feel emotions, but can mimic them. Because of this, they need constant stimulation from thrills and conquests.

For a sociopath or psychopath, to love, is to destroy.

There is no cure, and all the experts advise: Get away!

You may not think, as your life is being torn apart, that you've hooked up with a sociopath or psychopath.

All you know, once it's over (if you're one of the lucky ones that gets out) is that you just want to hide at home for the rest of your life. You'll never love again.

Then, after all that drama, you're lonely. Maybe you start to read some books on "attracting a man" or "how to attract a woman."

Maybe you go through therapy. Maybe you join a church.


So let this site serve as a warning:

People who attract one sociopath are then prone to attracting another. And another.

Don't ask me how I know.

The question is WHY.

And here's the answer:

We're energetic beings, and actually operate much like computers...When we have a crisis, we download new software with a program that energetically vibrates with that particular kind of crisis.

The more traumatic the crisis, the more our vibration is affected.

That's right. We have software just like a man-made computer. In the human software system it's called DNA. DNA changes all the time, based on our environment. Our environment is constantly downloading new software into our system.

And then of course we have all the software of our ancestors. That automatically is loaded on our DNA.

We unconsciously follow these downloads because we aren't aware of how our system really works.

They create a vibration in our energy field that acts as a magnet and attracts more of the same-- often what you fear most into your life. This effects every area of our life-- your physical health, finances, etc., that's why the poor get poorer the rich get richer, etc.

Haven't you seen people who hook up with one bad relationship after another? It's not because they enjoy the pain! It's their vibration, which is set up by their "software". They are just following their "program".

Now you know.

So now you can fix it. You just had to understand how the system works.

First, you must stop talking about it. Stop complaining about it. Emphasis on MUST.

If it's become your "story", you have to say THE END, unless you like playing the victim role.

Each time you re-live the experience, it's another download. Our words and thoughts are powerful programming. That's why you keep re-creating it.

Also, there is technology that may help you repair the vibrational damage that's occurred from this trauma. (However, if you don't stop talking and complaining, nothing will ever help!)

Watch this video!

I, Psychopath - part 1

I, Psychopath - part 2

I, Psychopath - part 3

I, Psychopath - part4

I, Psychopath - part 5

I, Psychopath - part 6

I, Psychopath - part 7

If you are about to be swept off your feet and you have a track record of attracting this kind of person, well, you decide.

Here's my personal warning signs-- no special order--and, remember, there is the "true sociopath" and then those who just have some characteristics. Regardless, if I see any of these items, the trail of dust you see will be mine.

1. Creates alter egos or identities. A sociopath can put together a different persona depending on who he or she is trying to manipulate, sometimes right down to being clever enough to fabricate credentials. Better check them out!

2. Tall tales: they have some fascinating stories.. So he says he worked undercover for the CIA? Owned a big business, was a multimillionaire, but lost it? Can fix anything? Could have been a pro athlete? Usually wants to rush a commitment before there's a chance to learn any details.

3. Moods change rapidly-- there are outbursts that make no sense. Soon you are the target of these outbursts, with your humiliation being the goal.

4. Tries to isolate you. Fires your personal assistant, if you have one. Alienates your friends and family. Takes your keys and credit cards. Intercepts your mail. Answers your phone.

5. You don't meet any friends and he or she is alienated from their own family. Doesn't want you to meet them.

6. Needs thrills-- there's verbal or physical abuse, promiscuity, gambling or drug abuse, repeated fights or assaults. (They somehow manage to get your pity over this.)

7. Prison record (people can change, but not a sociopath. There is no cure for this disorder so if they've done time-- remember your track record.)

8. Consistent irresponsibility, yet amazing entitlement. Your possessions become theirs; you know this drill already.

And just a note- psychopaths don't have a very good sense of smell. Seriously!


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