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Its HOT…How to keep cool cheaply this summer.

Updated on August 1, 2017

Gooooooooooooooooood morning! Its 7:30am and 73 degrees outside, later on today expect temperatures into the upper 90s!

Clearly you can tell, it is summer once more and its time to deal with that heat. So your now thinking “thank god, the heating bills will drop to nothing and I can now use that money for other things” when really the other things will now become: keeping cool, hydrated, and safe. There are two ways of going about that, you can spend a lot of money and be cool, or you can be cool and save some of it, that’s your choice to make. These are just some tips and suggestions to do to keep yourself cool, hydrated, and safe this summer. Some might be location specified but others are not. Anyway onto the tips and suggestions.

Keeping Cool:

There are many ways to keep cool, here’s a few of them:

I. Air Conditioner- AC is the best way to stay cool, but this isn’t really that cheap. If you do get one just make sure its low on energy consumption and can cool the size room you have on low. Also if the room your trying to cool is large and connected by doorways or stars set up curtains to block out the hot air and keep in the cold, it really does help!

II. Ice- Make sure you have plenty of ice for water and for yourself. Ice is great because you can bring it with you, anywhere. It makes sense as a very cheap way to cool off. (Don't forget your pets! Put some ice in their bowl on hot days to keep them cool too!)

III. Wear light colored thin clothing-Light colors reflect sun’s rays more then dark colors allowing you to stay a bit cooler!

IV. Stay in the Shade-Most places in the Shade are 10 degrees cooler then the rest of the area, use that to your advantage at beating the hot summer heat.

V. Fans-Fans, if good, work. The best fans for a house or office are tower fans (best working) and its also a good idea to have a pocket or spray bottle fan for you on the go.

How Air Conditioners Work!

This is how Air Conditioners work, all about the macanics and everything.

Funniest Install of an AirConditoner ever

VI. Beach-If you live near the coast go to the beach! Its one of the best ways to stay cool. The water is lovely when its hot out and the breeze is nice.

Keeping Hydrated:

Keeping hydrated is very important. Make sure you have a water bottle full of water with you at all times when your out walking or spending time outside. In hot weather you should be drinking 6 or more cups of water over about 4 hours at least. Not only should you drink water all day but have one or two gateraids or poweraids. These two drinks help hydrate you better then just water alone. I’m not saying there good for you, they really aren’t for help, but in times of heat and mal-hydration it is strongly advised to uses these.

Keeping Safe:

The summer and it’s heat brings a lot of fun but danger at the same time. If you don’t be careful you can get heat stroke, sunburn, and other heat related illnesses. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and take breaks to cool down. Wearing sun lotion is also advised, no need to burn your skin, really don’t forget to put it on, don’t say “Well I’m to awesome for sunscreen”, just put it on it doesn’t take long and you will thank yourself for it later when you don’t have a painful sunburn.

I hope this helps you stay cool and safe this summer! Comments are welcomed, don’t forget to visit my other works and I thank you for reading this hub.


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    • profile image

      Sarah - air conditioner contractor 6 years ago

      I just wanted to add on to your note about using your A/C. Many people turn it off when going to work, and then when they get home they turn it back on. This causes the house to heat up during the day, and therefore the A/C has to work very hard to cool back down the house. This is very costly! It is much better to keep your A/C on, just turn it up a few degrees.

    • PerfumeFan profile image

      PerfumeFan 8 years ago from New Jersey

      It's gotta be the beach for me. I hope we'll get more sun than rains in the coming months.

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 9 years ago from ma

      My boys and I have a great time keeping cool using squirt guns and water balloons.

    • glycodoc profile image

      glycodoc 9 years ago

      This summer I think we are going to need this advice!